5 Questions With America’s Best Bowstrings

By Brad KaufmannFebruary 11, 2021

We got the chance to sit down with Bryant Lyon from ABB, to ask some of the more common questions about bowstrings, and why hunters should use their strings.

Take a look in the video below…

What Material Do You Use In Your Platinum Strings?​

ABB’s top line of bowstrings are called the Platinum Series Strings. These are the best of the best, created with a 452X material from BCY. This is a common material that’s used by many of the top bowstring manufacturers. But what sets ABB’s Platinum Series apart, is how they put the strings together.

They have what they call “Fiber-Loc” technology, that’s used to eliminate creep and peep rotation. Which results in a stable string that’s unaffected by temperature changes. As well as their Fiber Accelerated Speed Technology, or “FAST”, which literally adds feet per second to your string and improves your bows performance.

What Sets ABB Apart From Other String Manufacturers?

Beside the technology they put into the strings at their in-house facilities, ABB has some of the best customer service in the hunting industry. From getting strings made and sent out in a timely fashion, to making sure customers are satisfied 100% of the time.

One of the coolest features that ABB has on their website, is the ability for you to build your own strings, and see what it will look like before you even order it. You start by selecting which series you’d like, then choose what bow brand and model you have. After that, you can select your serving color and 2 strand colors, as well as a heatshrink color. Check out their website – www.americasbestbowstrings.com to start building your custom strings!

When Should You Replace Your Bowstring?

How Often Should Your String Be Replaced?

One of the questions that’s easily overlooked when it comes to archery equipment, is how often you should replace your strings. Far too often, hunters and archers tend to use string wax as a band-aid to cover up fraying. While a little string fray isn’t something that should be worried about, once you see the affects of a worn string, it’s definitely time for a new one.

If taken care of, and kept in good conditions, a bowstring can last upwards of 8 to 10 years. But if you’re someone who regularly shoots during the offseason, and tends to hunt in some harsher conditions, you really need to keep an eye on your string. In order to make sure your bow stays in tune throughout the years, ABB’s recommendation is to replace your bowstring every 3 years for the average hunter or archer.

Is It Okay To Replace The String, But Not The Cables?

A very common question that tends to arise when talking about replacing a bowstring, is “can I replace my string, but leave on the same cables?” Generally, the wear and tear occurs on the string, as it launches hundreds or thousands of arrows. Where as the cables, which still see movement, don’t get the brunt of the force like the string does.

Replacing just the string is definitely possible. But you need to replace it with the same material. If your string and cables are 2 different materials, you can potentially run into tuning issues as the materials are affected differently by the use.


Why Should I Choose ABB Over My Local Shop?

While there are some great string makers in bow shops all across the country, ABB shouldn’t be overlooked because they’re perceived as a big bowstring manufacturer. The bottom line is, the people that work at ABB are the same as the average bow shop owner. They all like to hunt, they all care for and take great pride in what they do.

ABB started out 15 years ago, as a little shop with only a few employees. Over the years, they’ve become one of the leaders in the bowstring market because of their advanced building processes, and attention to detail. While they might not look your local shop right now, that’s exactly how they got their start, and why they’ve been so successful.

Brad Kaufmann
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