Exotic Big Game

Whether they’re strutting across the African deserts, or lumbering across the arctic mountains, few get a chance to hunt these strange beasts.

Jared Allen Invades Florida

On a hunt in the Florida Swamps, Jared goes after buffalo with a bow; or at least he was untill his bow broke. But who would be bothered by a bow breaking on a bow hunt? Maybe Rambo, but certainly not Jared Allen. Spears usally destroy things just as well

Jared Allen Conquers a Buffalo with a Bow

Jared Allen proves once again that one day he will rip Death's head off and live forever. Why bite into a bison heart one might ask? First of all, why not. Second of all, because Jared Allen says so. And so does the Spirit Horse, and common sense.

Oklahoma Archery Buffalo

Bowhunter takes on an Oklahoma buffalo with good 'ol stick and string. This is a very old, very spiritual practice.

Bowhunting in Oklahoma

Join Richie Music as he travels down to Ada, Oklahoma in hopes of coming home with a nice ram!