Exotic Big Game

Whether they’re strutting across the African deserts, or lumbering across the arctic mountains, few get a chance to hunt these strange beasts.

First Dall Ram

Bowhutner Amy Townsell takes her first Ram out of Tennessee.

Oryx Bow Kill

An Oryx walks right up on some hunters talking, and he makes a great shot on the animal.

Jared Allen Does More Cool Things

There are only a few, massive, unstopable killers in nature. Hurricanes, volcanos, and Jared Allen to name a few. After he ends a pissed off buffalo's futile existance, and consumes the heart (because it makes sense), he throws a spear...

Alaskan Sheep Hunt

Bearing the frigid wrath fo of the Alaskan Winter, determined and diehard bowhunters pursue Bighorn.