Bowhunting Gear Reviews

Bowhunting is a very intricate and specialized sport, so the difference between a good piece of hardware and a cheap piece of junk could mean the difference between a successful harvest and a sad, empty handed ride home.

The Hoyt Carbon Element

This excited archer flaunts his brand new Hoyt Carbon Elemnt in a quick shooting demonstration.

Just How Tough Are FOBs?

Bowhunter4e demonstrates just how tough, durable, and reliable FOBs are compared to fletchings or feathers.

The Ghostblind

This inovative, light new blind uses reflection technology and mirrors any nearby foliage or rough.

A Word on Hunting with Longbows

Trail Boss Steve Doran says a few things regarding hunting with a longbow. He addressess what to do and what not to do, what to use and what not to use.

Melissa on Silencing Your Bow

Melissa Bachman elaborates on the different ways you can effectivley make your bow quieter and harder for animals to pick up and duck your shot.

Wear Your Harness! - Mike McCabe

Bowhunting legend Mike McCabe tells his tragic story of a 25 foot fall that renders him paralized. Moral of the story, WEAR YOUR HARNESS, or you could never bowhunt again!