Bowhunting Gear Reviews

Bowhunting is a very intricate and specialized sport, so the difference between a good piece of hardware and a cheap piece of junk could mean the difference between a successful harvest and a sad, empty handed ride home.

The .22 Pellet Airow Gun Bow Attachment

This bow-mounting rifle aperatus turns your bow into a pneumatic pellet rifle. Keep your aim sharp in the off season or take out small game without wasteing expensive arrows.

NAP Blood Runner 2-Blade Review's Justin Zarr elaborates on one of NAP's latest technologically advanced death dealing broadheads: the 2-blade BloodRunner.

Rusty Barrel Broadhead Testing

Bowhunters do some broadhead testing on the range by shooting an assortment of popular broadheads against a rusty metal barrel. The men are seperated from the boys.

Computer Shootout

Sick and tired of a computer that just won't work, Todd and Justin decide to test out a few broadheads and send this PC where it belongs.  See how well these heads penetrated and stood up to this brutal test.