Bow Target Shooting

Various types of bows and gear fitted to them shooting against targets in a game of skill, informative purpose, or shear enjoyment.

"Golfing with Bows"

Keeping a once vital practice alive, these men and women and young people get together to shoot at marks with their English Longbows.

The Basics of Traditional Archery

The basics of the longbow and recurve are covered in this informative video on shooting styles, diciplines, and even the bows themselves.

Therapeutic Target Shooting Technique

This bowhunter uses a technique called roving, where he strolls through the forest, picking random targets of the earth such as individual leaves or ridges or what have you, and he simply fires at them. This mixes up distances and angles and truly trains

Historically Constructed Fire Arrows

An ameture historian shows how they used to make firearrows back in the day. He is pulling 100 lbs (which was low for the time) and the arrows only go a few hundred feet due to their weight.
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