Bow Target Shooting

Various types of bows and gear fitted to them shooting against targets in a game of skill, informative purpose, or shear enjoyment.

History Channel's Conquest - Part 3

After some practice, and after finding out how grueling it was on the back and arms to fling arrow after arrow, the team sets off on its next task, shooting at a live target.

History Channel's Conquest - Part 2

The contestant's bow's effectivness turn out to be limited at best. So, they are outfitted with the real thing - English Longbows, originating in Wales some time before 1150 AD.

History Channel's Conquest - Part 1

Our members embark on their quest to master humanity's most pinicle weapon, the Bow and Arrow. In this part of the episode, they have to make their own bows.

Samurai Archery - The Yumi Bow

These young women display near perfect technique on shooting the, what may seam to westerners, very odd japanese bow, the Yumi.