How To Videos

From learning how to set up and tune your own bow to advice on how to scout and bowhunt deer, you’ll find advice from bowhunting experts here.


How To Age Deer on the Hoof

In today's management setting, there is increased emphasis on letting bucks reach maturity before shooting them. These tips will help you better age bucks on the hoof.

How To do a Trail Camera Survey

You can use your trail cameras to do a survey of the deer on your property to determine buck to doe ratios, herd health and even the best places to hunt come fall.

How to take care of your trophy

Once your trophy is down you can spoil the mount if you don't take a few measures to assure the best possible product makes it to the taxidermist's shop.

Training your Peep Sight

Get your peep sight to come back square to your eye every time so you don't have to use rubber tubing.

Shooting Strength

Don't overlook the importance of strength when aiming. Strong shooting muscles will allow you to relax and hold steady.