How To Videos

From learning how to set up and tune your own bow to advice on how to scout and bowhunt deer, you’ll find advice from bowhunting experts here.


Eye Dominance

Make sure you are using the right aim when aiming. These tests will help you find out.

Using a Bow Press

Learn to use a bow press so you can do your own bow maintenance and become a better archer and bowhunter.

How to Aim a Bow

Aiming your bow correctly is not as simple as it sounds. These tips will change the way you look at accuracy.

Learning the Surprise Release

By having someone else pull the trigger of your release, you will learn what the correct shot feels like and become a better archer.

The Role of the Bow Arm

Your bow arm should remain relaxed and slightly bent throughout the shot. It should act as a shock absorber for the shot.

The Correct Way to Grip a Bow

Your grip on the bow should be relaxed and soft. Your hand should not introduce torque to the bow. Properly positioning your hand on the grip makes a huge difference.