Bowhunt or Die ®

Season 2

The #1 bowhunting-only web show in the world is back! Follow the staff through their 2nd season of Bowhunt or Die as we continue to bring you the best bowhunting video action from around the country in near real-time. Todd and Justin both harvest great bucks in their home state of Illinois while the rest of the team fills their tags, and their freezers, on a variety of big game animals including antelope, mule deer, elk and of course some monster whitetails!

Episode 23: End of the Line!

We wrap up the bowhunting season with a couple exciting bowhunts from Illinois and Wisconsin, and flash back to an August antelope hunt with Dustin DeCroo in Wyoming.

Episode 22: The End Is Near

With the bowhunting season winding down, our team continues to hit the woods in pursuit of a few more whitetails before the fat lady sings.

Episode 20: Big Bucks Down

Join two member of the team on great bow hunts in Illinois and Iowa as they harvest two big bucks!

Episode 19: It's Not Over Yet

Justin Zarr and Josh Fletcher both shoot great whitetails during the middle of November while bowhunting Illinois and Wisconsin.

Episode 18: I'm On Fire!

More exciting bowhunting video action as Tyler Rector harvests a massive Illinois whitetail and Grant Jacobs puts down his first Wisconsin buck in 3 years. Bowhunt or Die baby!

Episode 17: The Rut Continues

Join Todd Graf and Dean Kreuger as they both shoot trophy whitetail bucks on video for this week's episode of Bowhunt or Die, the #1 bowhunting video web shot in the world!

Episode 16: Sweet November

Another exciting episode of Bowhunt or Die features two more Illinois bucks going down on film as well as an update from several members of the video team who are having a tough time getting the bucks, and their arrows, to cooperate.

Episode 15: Halloween Weekend Bucks

Join Justin Zarr and Todd Graf as they bowhunt during Halloween weekend and shoot two great Illinois whitetail bucks. The best bowhunting video action is right here on Bowhunt or Die!

Episode 14: Two Bucks Down

Watch as the first two whitetail bucks of 2011 hit the ground for the team! Bowhunters Clinton Fawcett and Mike Willand both connect on great Illinois whitetails. Plus we'll check in with Todd Graf and Justin Zarr to get an update on

Episode 13: The October Lull

Mid October has proven to be pretty slow for deer activity so far, but several of our team members continue to have success. Todd's good friend Mike was able to self-film the harvest of a great 130 in buck while both Todd and Justin were successful i

Episode 12: October Doe Madness

Warm temperatures across the Midwest kept deer movement to a minimum, however several team members still succeeded in harvesting a couple whitetail does on video.

Episode 11: Opening Weekend

Opening weekend of bowhunting in Illinois brought temperatures into the 30's and high expectations for deer movement. Todd Graf has an encounter with a great buck while Clinton Fawcett, John Muller and Chase Larson are all successful in tagging a whi

Episode 09: 5 Shots 4 Trophies

Join Dustin DeCroo in Wyoming to see how he strategically spots 3 more animals, making a total of 5 for him this season. Then, check in with Tom Lester in North Dakota on a doe mission. Finally, Josh Fletcher and Todd Graf meet up for the Wisconsin Opener

Episode 08: Antelope Triple Play

Join 3 members of the staff on some exciting bow hunts for antelope deep in the hills of Wyoming, where they harvest 3 goats in 3 days!

Episode 07: Wyoming Antelope Hunt Staff members Neal and Grant travel to Wyoming for some early season antelope hunting with their new Mathews bows. The season has officially begun!

Episode 06: The Hit List

Todd goes over some tips for Tree Stand and General Hunting Safety, and we'll introduce you to some of the bucks you'll see our team chasing this fall.

Episode 05: Preparation and Practice

Join the team on this week's episode of Bowhunt or Die as we continue tree stand placement, go bowfishing on the Illinois River and review the new Mathews Z7 Xtreme.

Episode 04: Pre-Season Preparations

Join the during the summer months as they keep their archery skills sharp in a variety of ways including 3-D shooting, bow fishing and even chasing bull frogs with their new Mathews bows. You don't want to miss this bowhunting video ac

Episode 02: Turkey Hunting and Food Plots

Join Dustin DeCroo and Dan Shaefer as they lay the smack down on some nice Toms! Pluse we take a look at what some of our pro staff have been up to in the off-season, and we also follow Todd Graf along as he gets his new Mathews bow all tuned in and ready

Episode 01: Late Season Wrap-Up & Spring Scout

The Bowhunt or Die team wraps up the 2010 season with a couple of exciting late season hunts and then gets right to work on next season by looking for shed antlers, planning for good plots and prepping some treestand sites.