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Episode 28: The End

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As whitetail season comes to a close, this last episode is a fitting end to a season full of triumphs and disappointments.  From public land hunting success, to farmland failures we experience it all. Join us in this season’s extended final episode. As always, the best bowhunting action is right here on Bowhunt or Die.


  1. Donald Dlxon says:

    Hey Guys,just started watching Bowhunt orDie. A few years ago I went back to antena tv.Your show has all the ones on pay tv beat. I have not seen all the old episodes yet,Episode 28 season 5 does concern me. I ave had my share of misses like Clinton,but when B&C bucks are coming into bow range of a wagon in a dry up soy bean field. It’s not real life hunting , those deer are not pressured to the point of being crazy. That starts to look like the outdoor channel. Todd you sure can shoot well. I too wear eye glasses . I was wondering if those wrap around plastic frame glasses help in aiming any over your other glasses? Justin and Todd keep up the good work. If you could find time to answer this via my e-mail it would be great Thanks Donald Dixon


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