Season 08 Episode 18

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Matt Miller kills the biggest buck of his life on opening day of the Illinois season. Justin Zarr has several close encounters and Kent Petty switches things up and bags a nice longbeard down in Missouri.

As always, the best real world bowhunting video action is right here on Bowhunt or Die.


  1. Ashley Black (wife) says:

    How could i go get a guided hunt for my husband who was a former deputy sheriff that was set up by the incoming sheriff and falsely accused of a crime he did not commit, simply because he was a good deputy that did not adhere to the corruption of politics, plus his ex-wife happened to be related the new sheriff, major and assistant DA. They took everything away from him and humiliated him, tore apart his sons from his life and broke an unbreakable man, not to mention over $150,000 in court fees and a corrupt lawyer that was thought to be a family friend be was really a Judas .2.5 years he spent in prison for something he didn’t do. but he pressed on served the Lord and tried to be the best light he could be. i could tell you the whole story but that would take some time. He always guided for his hunting buddies as well as did their taxidermy work. he use to go and hunt in Pope county Illinois with his buddies every year but since they stole everything from him, he has not been able to have the money or the ability to go. He still holds his head up high but i can tell he is only covering up the pain inside. he loves your show and made the comment one time, ” i would love to hunt with those guys one day. is that even possible.. please i think you for your time and may God bless and keep you. his favorite verse
    Exodus 14:14


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