2016 PSE Carbon Air Bow

There’s been lots of buzz around the archery world in the last 24 hours regarding PSE’s new Carbon Air bow design. PSE has been revolutionizing the way they do things in recent years and the Carbon Air just might be their best concept yet. Granted, few people have actually had the chance to lay hands on this new bow, but it does look pretty cool. It’s a new direction for PSE and quite the overhaul from their previous bow designs.

PSE-carbon-air169Bobby Vargas of PSE says, “We were the first to develop a carbon handle with the PSE Carbon Lite in 1995 and introduced a bridged riser with the PSE Rageous in 1996. Now you have the best of both worlds with the new 2016 PSE Carbon Air bow!”

Here’s what the company is saying about this slick new bow and a few of the specs they are offering…

You’ve never shot anything like the monocoque-designed 2016 PSE Carbon Air, a revolutionary new PSE_Carbon_Air-600x600breakthrough in bow technology. Engineered  with our new PSE True Carbon Technology, the PSE Carbon Air is the lightest ultra-performance compound bow on the market  at just over 3 lbs. The Carbon Air is also dead quiet and comfortable in your hand, with PSE’s proprietary Structural, Rigid Acoustic Core (S-RAC) suppressing noise and vibration, as well as acting with the carbon as an insulator against the heat and cold.

Never before has so much cutting-edge technology  been packed into one bow…a customized PSE HD hybrid cam delivers a smooth draw cycle throughout, while the Center Lock Speed Pocket and patented X-Force parallel split limbs give the Carbon Air the energy to fire arrows at a blazing 340 fps.

The Carbon Air is available in peak weights up to 70 lbs. with an 80% let-off, 6-1/8” brace height, and 32” axle to axle. It also comes standard with PSE’s all-new features; FlexSlide 2, Backstop 4, SHOCK MODZ Limb Dampers, and factory ships with ABB Platinum Strings and genuine titanium pocket hardware. The Carbon Air also includes the exclusive Carbon Air carry case, available only for a limited time.

The Carbon Air is not sold online and is available EXCLUSIVELY at your local PSE Dealer.

We want to hear your thoughts on the new PSE Carbon Air bow. Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think.

Watch this video for a closer look at the new Carbon Air:


  1. I thinks is great for pse to go in this direction in the carbon market I can’t wait to shoot it I know the Hoyt spider is great shooter so I wood expect the same out pse it seems like it will be on my want hit list ?

  2. Mark Fralic says:

    Looks like a carbon spyder wanna be!

    • It looks nothing like the Carbon Spider.
      It’s closer to the carbon matrix or carbon element.

  3. Silenthunter says:

    This looks allot like the hoyt matrix 2010. I would know i have it, and wouldn’t trade it for any thing. They are a bit behind. I can see why they would make one though because there is a market. Hoyt has done well with there line. Bowtech come out with one and i think it bombed. Hopefully for pse sake this is a good bow. I just don’t see people going with it when there is another company that’s been making them for 5 years now and nothing wrong with them. I would tell someone to try both. If it’s cheaper than the hoyt and as good a bow. They should sell a truck loads.

  4. Doug Hastings says:

    Ive been a pse fan for years, Alot of illinois bucks have fallen to a PSE:)Ill have to get out and shoot 1.

  5. PSE is a better bow than Hoyt, even if they have been making a carbon bow for years. The PSE is always reliable

  6. fred sayers says:

    PSE is a leader in a lot of ways. No matter what bow you shoot you can thank PSE for the speed of your bow. The other companies had to make their bows fast just to stay in the game.They also made the other companies up their game in a lot of ways! So if they are now starting to make a carbon bow you can bet it will be top of the line!

  7. Rick Napier says:

    The first carbon riser bow just happened to be a high country so maybe everybody else is just caught up.

    • Buckey Lobdell says:

      You got a year on the high country?

      • Sheadings says:

        OK I’ve gotta pipe in and say that PSE was not the leaders in speed bows. Hoyt came out with a 320fps in 1999 and bowtech had the patriot in 2001 that shot 333. I would have to say they chased speed long before PSE did they just found a level at 340-350 that they never pushed past. All while PSE was making boat anchors. It wasn’t till the old tuning fork GX that PSE really stepped up on speed. I have owned and stocked many X-Force, omen, axe bows but I have had more warranty returns on PSE bows than hoyt bowtech and Mathews combined. I have always liked individual bows not brands… I will shoot and review the carbon air but I’m not an easy sell and I’ve yet to find a bow that replaces my RPM360 yet.

  8. David Sturgis says:

    Just got my new Carbon Air today and I can honestly say this is the smoothest drawing bow I’ve ever pulled. It dead in the hand when shooting with no kick or vibration. Very light,quite and fast as well as superbly balanced with no needed attachments. Did I mention it weighs in at 4.2 pounds loaded and ready to go. I’ll be honest in the fact that I had picked a Elite Impulse 31 and had it rigged to hunt. While it was being set up I shot the Carbon Air several times and ended p purchasing it instead. Don’t take my word for it though,go shoot one for yourself and see the difference.

  9. Paul Caleca says:

    I shoot the CarbonAir at the Outdoor Expo this weekend. Now, I’ve been a die hard Mathew’s Guy for years! But after shooting the carbon Air, I’m strongly thinking about converting. Everyone one of my friends, all longtime archers where impressed. The bow is incredible lightweight, deadly silent,lighting fast. I experienced NO vibration at all. I shoot the Bow several times over two days. I was very impressed!

  10. I have been shooting Mathews for several years because in my opinion they were the best on the market. I shot the Chill R last year and really enjoyed it, but I sold it to buy a new bow this year because I get a new bow at least every two years. I went to the local bow shop to look around, they put the New CarbonAir in my hand, and the rest is History! Never have I shot something so fast, so light, and so smooth at the same time. This bow is Amazing! I was not a PSE fan and I made the switch. This is for sure a bow I recommend anyone to try!!

    • Ron meisch says:

      I have carbon air and it is the best bow I have ever shot I have a omen I have fullthrottle Dream season Carbon lite and Mach 6 and Mach 12 and vector I shot the carbon air at 90 yards at 60 lb and was right on don’t knock it try it.

  11. Stephen Williams says:

    I am happy with my Elite Impulse 31, but I really like the feel of this bow. (PSE Carbon Air) I got to have one. Good job PSE.

  12. Greg Barber says:

    I have a Carbon Air . I love it did a few tweets to get a 31″ draw length satisfied but I like the smooth pull over and the solid back stop it might be too light if anything loaded up on the weights on my stabilizer. It is very quite with No vibration. I am finding heaver spined arrows group the best 450 +120gr. Field and hunting heads. For my 70# Carbon Air . Love this bow. Off to go pound a few more butts. If your going to nock this bow then be sure you use 450+ gr. arrows and leave the light arrows for the other bow manufacturers. Good hunting All


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