Bowhunting News

Record Minnesota Elk - Could Be World Class!

2 Min Read
When we think of the great state of Minnesota a few thoughts might come to mind- snow, about 10,000 lakes, Al Lindner, and the Vikings to name a few. What will likely never cross your mind- world record bull elk!

Winchester Announces NEW M-22 Rimfire Round

1 Min Read
WINCHESTER ANNOUNCES  M-22™ RIMFIRE ROUND FOR MODERN SPORTING RIFLES. New for 2011, this bullet is designed and packaged specifically for use in the growing number of high-capacity MSR 22 LRs

NEW Optic-Logic Micro II for 2011

2 Min Read
Opti-Logic Corporation Announces Addition to their Micro Rangefinder Series. Tullahoma, TN: Opti-Logic Corporation, makers of the world's first Consumer Priced Ballistics Compensating Laser Rangefinders and distributors of top-quality binoculars reveals..

Walker's NEW Game Ear HD Elite

1 Min Read
WALKER’S ANNOUNCES THEIR NEW GAME EAR HD ELITE. March, 2011… (Grand Prairie, TX)  Walker’s Game Ear, the shooting and hunting industry pioneer in hearing protection, introduces their new HD Elite.

Hot Shot Introduces NEW Stan Potts Signature Release Aid

3 Min Read
Hot Shot Manufacturing Introduces The Stan Potts Signature Series Release AidLogan, UT- Seen on numerous television shows and DVD series, various advertisements and co-host of the popular North American Whitetail TV; Stan Potts is a household name among w

Record Minnesota Sheds Found!

1 min
Finding a pair of shed antlers is like Christmas to a whitetail enthusiast. Only with bone, the BEST presents don’t come in small packages. For whitetail hunter, Jay Miller, his Christmas day came on both the 9th and 10th of this past February near the to

NEW Realtree's All-Stars of Spring XVIII turkey hunting DVD

1 Min Read
Looking for a way to entertain yourself before chasing stubborn Toms? Look no further than below, these guys always get it done.Realtree's All-Stars of Spring XVIII turkey hunting DVD brings an exciting new twist to wild turkey hunting footage with the ne

Zeon Fusion Vane - NEW for 2011

1 Min Read
Myrtle Point, OR- Long-known for quality archery products, Norway Industries has now unleashed the Zeon Fusion Vane causing shooters to look at vanes in a whole new light.  For literally thousands of years, bowhunters have struggled with the dilemma of se

Darkwoods Blind Double FX Deluxe Model

1 Min Read
Sometimes bigger is better as proven by Darkwoods Blind Double FX  Deluxe Model Blind. Boasting all of the great qualities of the popular Double FF blind, but on a larger scale, the Double FX is not only grand in size but in function and performance as we