Hawk Announces New Helium Pole Saw

By Brad KaufmannSeptember 29, 2021

Hawk has developed a durable solution for trimming those hard-to-reach limbs and branches with the new Helium Pole Saw.

Hawk Announces New Helium Pole Saw

The Helium Pole Saw eliminates the problems hunters have historically had with portable saws intended for clearing brush around tree stands and ground blinds—specifically, flimsy telescoping extensions, loose clamping mechanisms, and weak saw blades.

The new Helium Pole Saw takes an innovative, robust approach to this invaluable field tool, combining strength and light weight to make short work of trimming shooting lanes and opening strategic stand locations.

Featuring sturdy yet lightweight aluminum pole sections, the Helium Pole Saw uses progressive tensioning clamps to secure the pole sections at the desired length. The saws are offered in 10-foot (41 inches closed) and 14-foot (46 inches closed) versions and weigh 2.5 and 3.5 pounds, respectively.

A soft-sleeve grip provides a positive purchase and maximum control when working tough branches. Topping the Helium Pole Saw is an 11-inch SK5 high carbon steel blade. The patented teeth design and black nitride, corrosion-resistant finish work to deliver long life and efficient cutting power. A plastic blade protector is included for safe field transport.

For more details about the Hawk Helium Pole Saw and all of Hawk’s new products for 2021, please visit  www.hawkhunting.com.

Brad Kaufmann
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