New Women’s Hunting Gear from DSG

By Bow StaffJanuary 30, 2019
Melissa Bachman, hunter and conservationist and host of the TV series, Winchester Deadly Passion, currently airing on Sportsman Channel, is proud to partner with DSG Outerwear in 2019. As part of the partnership, Bachman will wear DSG Outerwear’s Realtree Edge clothing in her TV series and during her outdoor adventures.
“DSG stands for ‘doing something great’ and I love that their clothing line is not only about offering women a functional and fashionable fit, but also helping to instill confidence with clothing that gets you through even the toughest conditions and terrain. When you’re comfortable you can focus on more important things, such as hunting hard,” said Bachman.

Bachman in DSG Outerwear for 2019

DSG Outerwear started in 2010 as founder, Wendy Austin Gavinski, saw a need for functional outerwear in the snowmobile world. She launched the hunting line in 2017 as a similar need needed to be filled.
DSG’s hunting apparel line is highly functional with an emphasis on a feminine and fashionable fit. Their sizing runs from XS to 5XL with quality materials and components built by designers and specialists with more than 40 years of experience in making outerwear. “As an example of their superb functionality – all of the jackets’ hoods snap on or off, their inseams are adjustable, and every piece has multiple pockets for storage. The brush fabric is quiet in even the coldest weather, helping out during those close encounters,” said Bachman. “Their layering pieces and jackets kept me warm and dry during the cold fall hunting season we had in the Midwest.”
Their line offers matching Realtree camo pants and jackets with every piece sporting their signature aqua accent colors, as well as blaze pink and blaze orange outerwear.
“DSG also offers a full line of casual apparel for after the hunt as well, and they will be adding an ice fishing line in the fall,” said Bachman.
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