ScentLok Reiterates Commitment to Hunting Industry

By Bow StaffAugust 24, 2016

MUSKEGON, MI (August 23, 2016) – In light of the developments within the hunting industry, and specifically the hunting clothing division, ScentLok Technologies® wants to take the time to reiterate its commitment to the hunting community. In this day and age, there are fewer companies that uphold their values and ethics over the pursuit of profits and expanding market share. Please be assured that ScentLok will continue to be fair in its business practices, ethical in its communication, and supportive of every hunter who abides by the lawful practices of hunting.


“We are concerned about the way other companies have been conducting business,” said Pat Hylant, owner and CEO of ScentLok Technologies. “In just a few short months, we’ve seen companies willfully deceive our community with false advertising and turn their back on hunters by caving in to the wishes of anti-hunters. I hope the merits of our history continues to inform consumers that we were born and raised in the woods and will strongly support the participants of our cherished sport.”

Two hunting clothing companies have recently experienced public relations issues due to their conduct. In May, Robinson Outdoors lost a legal battle after willfully making false advertising claims regarding its ScentBlocker® Trinity™ products. ScentLok was proud to stand up for consumers by shedding light on these unfair practices. Just last week, Under Armour® severed its ties with Sarah and Josh Bowmar after being pressured on social media from vocal anti-hunters. ScentLok has 25 years of proven dedication for all hunters who engage in legitimate hunting habits.

“We’ve always believed that principles matter,” Hylant stated. “It’s really easy to take a shortcut and make compromises to pad your bottom line, but we just don’t have that mentality. Our faith and commitment to the great sport of hunting is first and foremost and there is no gray area with that mantra.”

Since 1992, ScentLok Technologies has created and manufactured some of the finest hunting clothing available. Its technologies and products have been challenged in both the lab and in the field and have been found to have superior results. In addition, its products carry a satisfaction guarantee to ensure each customer’s expectations are met or exceeded.

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