New LED Light Bars from Cyclops

Cyclops LED Bar

Cyclops®, an innovator in personal and field lighting solutions, continues to light the way for outdoor professionals and weekend warriors who demand reliability and performance in lighting equipment.  Entering a completely new category, Cyclops is now producing a large range of both single and dual row LED bar lights for any outdoorsman’s needs.

Cyclops Dual Row Light Bar

These universal bar lights are designed to withstand the rigorous elements of off-roading as well as on the water environments, and have the waterproof standard IP67 ANSI Rating that ensures complete reliability.  The ruggedly built die case aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens provide longevity with protection against shock, mud and elements providing years of on the go adventures.  The new Cyclops lights are perfect for the outdoorsman looking for a durable, ultra bright light to add to their UTV, ATV, Truck, SUV, Boat, or any other off-road vehicle.  This new series from Cyclops offers a wide variety of lighting sizes from 4” to 50” bars, and ranging from 1,620 lumens to 22,500 lumens.  With additional mounting accessories, these lights can be positioned on top of vehicles, under or around the grill, or just about anywhere for complete customization.  The spot, and spot/flood combination of LED’s allows for illumination in all directions.  For more information regarding your specific needs, check out the LED Bar Lights here.


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