The Buck Known as Free Agent becomes the Largest Ever at 500 Plus Inches

By Hunting NetworkMay 4, 20113 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

With modern bow speeds approaching 400 feet per second (fps) and whitetail bucks approaching 550 inches, the Hunting Network staff cannot help but wonder what deer hunting will be like for our grandchildren. Wait… did we just say whitetail bucks approaching 550 inches?!

This past March a captive Pennsylvanian whitetail buck had its antlers officially measured to the tune of 528 3/8 inches by Safari Club International (SCI). A score that will make this buck the largest living whitetail of not just the world, but of history. And history goes a long way back.

messed up buck in velvet

This is ‘Free Agent’ as a yearling!

The buck is simply known as “Free Agent”, a name (we assume) given by Mark Sipes, owner of Battle Ridge Whitetails where this awesome-mega-super-monster stud calls home. He is also the same buck who, a few years ago, was dubbed as the largest yearling alive, having well over 200 inches on his head even then!

freaky crazy mega buck in velvet

‘Free Agent’ last year! He is now the largest buck ever to have lived!

So the question of the day has got to be – if given the chance to hunt and harvest this buck would you pay money to hunt him? Would it even be fair?

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