Batting Cage Bucks!

The following tale is a reminder of why you shouldn’t leave a backyard batting cage fully assembled during the whitetail’s breeding season. While shoveling through knee deep snow to create an ice-rink for his kids on the backyard pond, a local man stumbled upon quite a peculiar scene this past winter. Tangled in the netting of an old baseball batting cage that sat nearby laid the body of a solid drop-tine buck. The man immediately phoned a local buddy who came over to help investigate the scene.

droptine buck dead

To their surprise, while the two were trying to free the antlers of the drop-tine buck, a “double” was uncovered, buried beneath the snow! This one appeared to be a clean 10-pointer with an estimated weight of 200+ pounds!

10 point buck with netting

It’s unclear what exactly caused the two bucks to venture so close to the old batting cage– but “foul play” is not suspected.

The man who found the two bucks is currently having them mounted together by a nearby taxidermist. Although it’s unclear to what pose(s) the man may have picked out, we presume it will be quite a “change up” from typical sparring mounts.

man holding non typical with netting

The Hunting Network staff wishes to send congratulations to the men and their crazy once in a lifetime find. It’s not every day you find a pair of battling bucks. We imagine it’s even less likely to find a pair locked within a batting cage’s netting.

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