Record Minnesota Sheds Found!

Finding a pair of shed antlers is like Christmas to a whitetail enthusiast. Only with bone, the BEST presents don’t come in small packages.

For whitetail hunter, Jay Miller, his Christmas day came on both the 9th and 10th of this past February near the town of Excelsior, Minnesota, and nearly a ¼ mile apart. On these two consecutive days Jay was able to grasp the right and left sides of the largest typical buck he’d ever seen. When combined these sides netted an incredible 175 0/8 inches, and this is without an inside spread measurement!

man holding sheds

The right antler scored an impressive 91 3/8 inches with the left quietly coming in at 89 5/8 inches. The North American Shed Hunters Club based in Lyndon Station, Wisconsin, confirmed this set to be Minnesota’s largest typical finds, as well as placing them 6th all-time.

The Hunting Network staff would like to extend about 175 congratulations to Jay on this once in a lifetime find. We only hope next year you’ll be able to sit behind the bruiser who left them. Congrats again!

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