Zeon Fusion Vane – NEW for 2011

By Hunting NetworkFebruary 27, 2011

LAST UPDATED: May 1st, 2015

Myrtle Point, OR– Long-known for quality archery products, Norway Industries has now unleashed the Zeon Fusion Vane causing shooters to look at vanes in a whole new light.
For literally thousands of years, bowhunters have struggled with the dilemma of seeing their arrows in flight and consequently knowing if they found their mark. In recent years, heavy lighted nocks have been the answer for some but are not legal in all 50 states, or allowed for Pope and Young club entries. In lieu of this, Norway Industries set out to do what they do best, break the rules and develop products that change the game and force the industry to re-think what it knows of possibilities and products. The result is Norway’s new edge-glow Zeon Fusion Vanes.

colorful vanes

Zeon Fusion Vanes utilize a proprietary material that carries light to the vane edges similar to fiber optic technology, and increases visibility in all light conditions. This provides bowhunters and target archers with the opportunity to visually track their arrows as they fly downrange or through the woods, without the aid of any electronics or additional light source.  Zeon Fusion Vanes eliminate the need for lighted nocks and maintain proper front-of-center by maintaining the same weight as standard Fusion Vanes. They are available in four color options – red, green, yellow and orange and can be purchased in packs of 36. Norway Industries offers the Zeon Fusion Vanes in the popular 2.1inch length.
Die-hard Fusion shooters can rest assured knowing that the new Zeon Vanes are produced using the exact same proprietary blending process that “fuses” the clear base with the colored blade and ensures unrivaled broadhead and target point accuracy. In addition to perfect adhesion, real-world durability, and consistency like no other, Zeon Fusion Vanes offer higher odds of game recovery and the peace of mind of knowing exact impact sites and arrow flight paths.
For more information on Zeon Fusion Vanes or to learn more about Norway Industries product lines check them out on the web.

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