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New Trail Cameras for 2011

Ever since trail cameras were first introduced to hunters some 20 years ago, their technological capabilities have increased dramatically every year.  What was once a homemade 35mm camera has turned into a digital scouting device oozing with technology and useful features.  Today’s trail cameras sport rapid fire image capturing capabilities, take photos in infrared, and some even have the potential to send the images directly to your cell phone or e-mail address via wireless satellite.  Their possibilities truly are amazing.  If you are looking for a detailed breakdown of the new trail cameras for 2011, continue reading as you may find your next best scouting tool.

CamTrakker MK-10MK10 The CamTrakker MK-10 is the ONLY trail camera today that offers a standard flash system as well as a no glow IR flash in the same unit.  Since there is no LED emitters like other trail cameras, the MK-10 has no red glow when using the IR filter at night.  The MK-10 takes 5.0 megapixels in both color and IR.  The MK-10 has been the industry leader in passive infrared detection for almost twenty years sporting a trigger speed or .186 seconds at night, and .388 seconds during the day so you won’t miss a thing!  A full color LCD screen means simple setup and allows the user to review images right in the field.  The impressive Burst Mode takes up to 5 daytime images in sequence every time the unit is triggered to let you see every angle of that trophy animal.  The MK-10 comes with a 3 year warranty.  To learn more about the CamTrakker MK-10, visit their website by clicking here.

CamTrakker MK-1- EnvironmentalMK10 Environmental The MK-10 Environmental from CamTrakker is a trail camera that is built for extreme conditions.  The MK-10 Environment’s is house in a genuine Pelican case that is o-ring sealed to prevent moisture entering the unit.  All external features are impact resistant and sealed with high grade epoxy that is impact and water resistant as well.  The camera itself takes 5.0 megapixel pictures and features night and day trigger speed of less than .5 seconds to deliver crystal clear image quality.  A full color 2” LCD screen allows users to review images in the field, and also allows for super simple setup.  Burst mode captures 5 daytime images per trigger sequence and the delay between images can be set in half second intervals from .5 second to 10 seconds between pictures.  Every CamTrakker unit comes with a free flash card.  To learn more about the CamTrakker MK-10 Environmental, visit their website by clicking here.

Cuddeback Attack and Attack IRAttackCuddeback introduces the Attack as their premiere scouting camera for 2011.  The Attack comes loaded with features including the new Video “Plus” system that first captures an image, followed immediately by 30 seconds of video.  The Attack also features the fastest trigger speed (1/4 second) of any Cuddeback model.   The Attack is available in two models, the Attack and Attack IR.  The Attack takes color images day and night, while the Attack IR takes color images by day, infrared images by night.  Both sport Cuddeback’s Full Season Battery Life that enables the device to run one year on 4 “D” cell batteries.  This translates into 10,000 images on a set of batteries for the Attack and 50,000 images on a set of batteries for the Attack IR.  Another beneficial feature of the new Attack series is the Guard Duty time lapse mode.  Guard Duty will automatically take five images a minute all day long to let know precisely when and where deer are entering a food plot, when they are using a trail, etc.  You can then playback a day’s worth of images in less than 10 minutes.

Moultrie S-30 and S-50Moultrie1Moultrie adds several new models to their line of trail cameras starting with the Game Spy S-30 and S-50.  The S-30 takes 3.2 megapixel pictures by color both day and night with up to a 40 ft. flash range.  It also takes daytime video clips as well and features an easy-to-operate LCD menu-driven screen that displays picture count and delay timer and the unit operates on 4 C-cell batteries.  The Game Spy S-50 is equipped with all the same features of the S-30, but upgrades the image quality to 5.0 megapixels. 

Moultrie L-30 and L-50The Game Spy L-30 takes 3.0 megapixel pictures with a 25 ft. flash range.  It takes color photos both day and night and captures video clips during the day as well.  Equipped with an easy to read andMoultrieL3050 operate LCD menu-driven display, the L-30 can take up to two images per image sequence and operates on 4 “C” cell batteries.The Game Spy L-50 includes all of the L-30 but improves in many areas including upping the megapixels to 5 and an extended flash range out to 50 ft.  It has three photo resolution options as well as two video resolutions and temperature, time and date are displayed on every photo.  It operates on 6 “C” cell batteries that average 90 days of life.

Moultrie Game Spy I-40XTBrand new for 2011, the Game Spy I-40XT takes 5.0 megapixel pictures; color by day, infrared by night.MoultrieI40XT  It has three operational modes including an option of an IR triggered game camera, time-lapse plot camera and plot camera by day, infrared camera at night.  It sports a 60 ft. flash range and a 16:9 widescreen images and videos provide a wider field of view than standard game cameras.  It takes color photos and video by night and infrared, black and white photos and video at night and can take up to three images per image sequence.  Average battery life is 180 days for the Game Spy I-40XT and it operates in 6 “C” cell batteries.  

Moultrie M-100 Mini and M-80 MiniThe Game Spy M-100 is the smallest game camera in Moultrie’s line but it doesn’t lack in performance or features.  The M-100 takes crisp 6.0 megapixel pictures and has a built in 2” LCD viewing screen.  A barometric pressure reading, MoultrieM100Minitemperature, moon phase, time and ID stamp are printed on every image and it’s equipped with password security features to help protect your camera and its images.   All new Illumi-Night Sensor provides arguably the brightest and clearest nighttime infrared pictures on the market today.  The M-100 records live video with sound and has a 16:9 widescreen that provides a wider field of view than other scouting cameras and has 3 settings of digital zoom.  This mini cam operates on AA batteries which provide up to a year of camera life.  The Game Spy M-80 Mini has 3 versatile operational modes (IR triggered game camera, time lapse plot camera, plot camera by day, infrared camera by night and sports of the same features as its big brother, but takes 5.0 megapixel images instead of 6.    

Moultrie S-100 MiniMoultrieS100miniThe Game Spy S-100 packs several features in its tiny frame.  Two operational modes (IR triggered game camera, time-lapse plot camera) give the user unrivaled versatility and the 30ft. flash and 5.0 megapixel take crystal clear images and color video by day, and infrared, black and white images at night.  It also has the option of three picture resolutions in game camera mode and three picture resolutions in Moultire’s new Plot Stalker mode as well.  Moon phase, time, date and camera ID stamp are printed on each photo and picture delays range anywhere from 10 seconds to 30 minutes.  The S-100 Mini operates on 4 or 8 AA alkaline batteries. 

Moultrie Plot StalkerMoultrie is also excited about the release of their new Plot Stalker for 2011.  The Plot Stalker allows users to view 12 Plot Stalkerhours of activity in just 10 minutes.  The technology of the Plot Stalker and time-lapse photography allows you to see a full day of activity in just a 10 minute video clip.  This allows hunters to exactly when and where deer are entering and exiting a food plot of open field.  The Plot Stalker takes 8.0 megapixel images and High-Definition video playback.  It has 4 photo resolutions and picture delay options from 10 seconds to 1 day.  The internal LCD screen displays images taken, memory and battery capacity.  Videos can be uploaded and shared on YouTube, Facebook and Flickr.  Plays speed up to 8x with the ability to pause, play and rewind footage as well as zoom in and out for the maximum scouting experience.   HuntenCam1

Hunten Cam GSC35-20IRA 2.0 megapixel infrared flash, 40 ft. flash and 60ft Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR), 21 bright LEDs and a solar panel port are what makes the new GSC35-20IR a quality trail camera.  The GSC35-20IR records 20 second video clips at 30 frames per second and at a resolution of 640×480 make the GSC35-20IR a great trail camera at an affordable price.  The GSC35-20IR operates on 4 “C” cell batteries, has a rubber sealing gasket and LCD navigation menu.

Hunten Cam GSC35-40IRHuntenCam2The GSC35-40IR trail camera takes 4.0 megapixel pictures by day and 1.3 megapixel pictures by night.  21 bright LEDs allow for a 40ft infrared flash, and a Passive Infrared Sensor has a 60ft. flash range that work together to take great pictures both during the day and at night.  It captures images in KPEG format and 20 second AVI digital video clips at 30 feet per second frame rate and 640×480 resolutions.  It operates on 4 “C” cell batteries, has a solar panel plug in and security lock to help protect to your trail camera from being stolen.

Hunten Cam GSC50-80IRHuntenCam3The GSC50-80 IR is a smaller model trail camera packed with features. Roughly the same size as a pop can, the GSC50-80IR has 46 LEDs and a simple LCD programming menu and utilizes an external 6V battery pack.  The camera itself does not have an internal power source due to its small size.  It takes 8 megapixel daytime photos and 5 megapixel infrared nighttime photos and 20 second video clips at 30 frames per second. 

Hunten Cam GSC52-T80IRHuntenCam4Similar to the GSC50-80IR, the GSC52-T80IR is the equivalent of a pop can in terms of size, but still takes crisp clean images.  Featuring a 1/3 second trigger speed the GSC52-T80IR takes 8 megapixel pictures during the day and 5 megapixel infrared pictures at night.  15-60 second video clips can be recorded at 30 frames per second at a 640×480 video resolution.  The GSC52-T80IR also has 46 LEDs and no reflective cover lens that could spook game.   

Hunten Cam GSC30-30IRHuntenCam5                                                                                                                                           Hunten Outdoors also introduces the new GSC30-30IR for 2011.  With 1 second trigger speed, 3 megapixel infrared camera and 26 intense LEDs, this is an affordable, yet efficient trail camera.  The GSC30-30IR is also capable of capturing 20 second video clips as well.  Super bright LEDs extend infrared flash out to 40 ft. and a passive infrared sensor captures images all the way out to 60 ft. during the day.  An all new burst mode of 1-4 pictures per trigger sequence and a 10 second delay time option allow the user to get the most out of this versatile trail camera.  The GSC30-30IR operates on 4 “C” cell batteries.

Hunten Cam GSC22-T70IRHuntenCam6The GSC22-T70IR from Hunten Outdoors takes 7.0 megapixel images by day and captures 5.0 megapixel infrared images at night.  With a super fast 1/3 second trigger speed and no LED glow and an invisible flash, this camera will surely catch that big buck sneaking through your hunting property.  The GSC22-T70IR operates on 4 “C” cell batteries and has an infrared flash of an astonishing 70 ft and a passive infrared sensor reaches out to a lengthy 60 ft. as well.  The GSC22-T70IR also features a 2.5” full color internal LCD screen.

Hunten Cam GSC30-50IRHuntenCam7The all new GSC30-50IR is a 5.0 megapixel by day, 1.3 megapixel by night trail camera that features a 1 second trigger speed, 10 second delay time option, and new bust mode that is capable of capturing 1-4 images per trigger sequence.  Like its little brother, the GSC30-30IR, the GSC30-50IR has a port made for Hunten Outdoor’s solar panels and external battery packs.  The GSC30-50Ir is also capable of recording 20 second video clips and operates on 4 “C” cell batteries.

Hunten Cam GSC20-70IRHuntenCam8One second trigger speeds, a 7.0 megapixel infrared flash and burst mode capability are all features of the new GSC20-70IR.    Incredibly bright LCDs make for a 70ft. infrared flash range and passive infrared sensor makes for a 60ft flash range.  The GSC20-70IR has a unique design with a sliding panel, allowing the user easy access to the programming menu and SD card.  This camera operates on 4 “C” cell batteries and has a back lit LCD navigation menu as well.

U Way Night Trakker NT50BUway1The Night Trakker NT50B from U Way features a 1 second trigger and takes 5.0 megapixel pictures with a CMOS sensor up to 8MP photo resolution.  It takes color daytime pictures and B&W nighttime pictures thanks to true black IR flash that provides zero night-time visibility.  All images come stamped with useful information including date, time, temperature and moon phase so you can gather the most scouting information you need.  The Night Trakker NT50B has 6V-volt and solar panel auxiliary power jack and operates of 4 “C” cell batteries that last up to 6 months.  Also takes 10-60 second sound enabled video clips in AVI format.

U Way Night Xplorer NX50Uway2U Way also introduces the Night Xplorer NX50, a 5.0 megapixel camera with a 1 second trigger speed and night time illumination of 50+ feet.  The Night Xplorer NX50 has a user friendly interface with 6 simple buttons for programming controls.  Videos are recorded at a resolution of 640×480 AVI in clips between 10 and 60 seconds.  A 2.0” true-color TFT screen supports live previews and provides photo/video playback allowing you to view your clips and images in the woods.  Operating on 4 or 8 1.5 volt AA batteries, the Night Xplorer NX50 can take up to 10,000 images on a single set of batteries that will usually last up to 6 months. 

U Way Night Xplorer NX80 HDUway3U Way’s prized camera for 2011 is the Night Xplorer NX80 HD.  This 8.0 megapixel infrared scouting camera features 1 second trigger time and captures video at 1280×720 (widescreen) resolutions with sound in clips between 10-60 seconds long that can be manually adjusted.  30 high output infrared LEDs take nighttime images of object in excess of 50 feet The Night Xplorer NX80 HD operates on 4 or 8 AA batteries that are capable of capturing 10,000+ images in their typical 6 month lifespan.  A simple and easy to use interface with 2.0” true color TFT LCD screen supports live screen previews and provides photo and video playback.

ScoutGuard1ScoutGuard SG580MThe ScoutGuard SG580M takes real 5.0 megapixel pictures with a CMOS sensor for great image quality.  It can wirelessly send images through an MMS message, SMS message of email via GSM Network.  It features 34 infrared LEDS for taking great nighttime photos and it has a 1.7” built-in color display and wireless controller.  The SG580M records digital 640×480 AVI video with sound and provides a daily weather report. 

 ScoutGuard SG550 and SG560ScoutGuard2The slim size (80x180x48mm) of Scout Guard’s SG550 appeals to all hunter because they are easy to pack in and out of the woods.  The SG550 captures images with a 1.2 trigger speed in 5.0 megapixels with a 30-40ft IR flash.  A 1.7” internal LCD screen allows hunters to review their images and photos in the woods.  The casing is water resistant and the unit has an ultra low stand-by current to maximize battery life.  The SG560 has all of the same great features as the SG550, but is a little larger size.

ScoutGuard SG560FScoutGuard3The SG560F is also a small, compact trail camera offered by Scout Guard for the 2011 season.  A 1.7” internal LCD screen lets hunters review the 5.0 megapixel images right on the unit itself.  The SG560F takes color photos both day and night with a 1.2 second trigger time and a flash range of 30 feet. 

ScoutGuard SG560PScoutGuard4The Scout Guard SG560P is a 5.0 megapixel scouting camera with a CMOS sensor that takes crystal clear images and capture brilliant color video at 16 frames per second.  The 1.2 second trigger time and 40 infrared LEDs with adjustable sensitivity make for excellent image quality and sure to snap a quick photo of that buck walking in front of your camera. 

 ScoutGuard SG560DScoutGuard5The SG560D from Scout Guard takes real 5.0 megapixel images with a CMOS sensor and, thanks to dual light technology, takes rich color photos both day and night.  It also captures video at a resolution of 640×480 at 16 frames per second and has a built-in 2.0” TFT LCD display screen to support real time previews.  The 1 second to 1 hour triggering interval allows for total customization when adjusting your settings.

ScoutGuard SG370ScoutGuard6All hunters will enjoy the super compact size of the Scout Guard SG370.  Measuring just 145x82x36mm, this camera still takes 3.0 megapixel pictures and has a 40 ft. infrared flash to capture black and white nighttime images without spooking game.  A 1.7” LCD viewer allows hunters to review their images and video right from the unit and this super small camera operates on only 4 AA batteries.  Its water resistant shell will protect this camera from the elements.

Primos X CamPrimos X CamThe all new X Cam from Primos is the most advanced trail camera in their line of Truth Cams.  With a 7.2 megapixel resolution camera and a 1.2 second trigger speed, it captures beautiful photos and photos and videos that can then be easily reviewed on the 2.5” full color screen with Easy Icon Menu and Live Preview Function.  62 LEDs allow for an unmatched 65ft nighttime range to ensure nothing sneaks by your camera without you getting a photo of it.  It also sports over 1 year of up to 20,000+ photo battery life. 

Primos X Cam BlackoutBlack OutThe X Cam Blackout also sports of all the great feature of the original X Cam, including 7.2 megapixel resolution, 1.2 second trigger speed, and the internal 2.5” Full Color Screen.  Blackout LED array produces no visible light, yet gives you night photo range that is undetectable to animals and humans.  A non-reflective, low shadow exterior finish also makes the X Cam Blackout virtually invisible.  When you add in the undetectable 62 LEDs that translate into a 50ft. nighttime flash, you are looking at one stealthy camera.

Primos Super ModelPrimos Super ModelNo, Primos isn’t selling THAT kind of super model.  They are, however, selling a superior model trail camera.  The Super Model, as it’s called, is a super small scouting camera that has big time performance.  The Super Model takes “best in class” image quality and easily converts to a handheld photo viewer in the field thanks to its super small size.  Its ultra quick trigger speed of .3 second captures both photos and video and it last a whole year on one set of batteries.

Primos Deer Positioning System (DPS)Primos DPSNew for 2011, Primos is introducing their Deer Positioning System (DPS).  The DPS conducts constant day light surveillance and is perfect for learning deer patterns, particular for a food plot or open field.  It’s small in size with a rugged case and features a built in LCD screen for easy custom settings adjustment.  The DPS records the entire day’s activity in 5-10 second intervals and you can then play the entire day’s events back in less three minutes.  It doesn’t need to be triggered by anything to capture an image.

Stealth Cam SniperStealthCam SniperThe Sniper HD from Stealth Cam captures 720P High Definition video clips from 5-300 seconds with sound and has three still photo settings at 8MP, 3MP, and 1.3MP.  54 IR emitters allow for a 60ft flash range and it comes equipped with infrared range control.  Burst mode takes 1-9 images per trigger sequence and it records HD video in color during the day and infrared black and white at night.  Its super small in size (6”x4”x3”) and operates on 8 AA batteries. 

Stealth Cam Prowler XTStealthCam Prowler XTThe new Prowler XT Stealth Cam takes 8.0 megapixel still images and 640×480 digital video with audio in adjustable 5-240 second clips.  The available Burst Mode can capture 1-9 images per trigger sequence.  It also sports 32 infrared emitters that result in a 40ft flash range.  Each image has a stamp on the bottom of the photo that provides time, date, moon and temperature to let you know when and in what conditions the deer are moving. 

Stealth Cam X8IRStealthCam X8IRStealth Cam introduces the new X8IR for the 2011 hunting season and along with a bevy of useful features.  The X8Ir takes 8.0 megapixel pictures at two resolution settings (8 and 5 megapixel) and VGA digital video at 20 frames per second in adjustable 15,30, 60 video clips.  Available Burst Mode takes either 1, 3 or 6 images per trigger sequence and time, date and moon phase is stamped on last frame of video and every picture frame.

Stealth Cam X5IRStealthCam X5IRThe X2IR is also new for 2011 from Stealth Cam and shoots 15, 30, 60 second 320×240 QVGA video clips and also captures 5.0 megapixel still photos.  Wide Angle Coverage ensures that nothing sneaks past your camera without getting its picture taken.  The X2IR operates on 4 “C” cell batteries provides time, date and moon phase on last video frame and every still photo.

Smart Scouter Black Ops 940Smart Scouter Black OpsNew for 2011, Smart Scouter introduces the Black Ops 940, a truly advanced scouting/ surveillance camera.  This trail camera wirelessly sends images to your phone or e-mail via satellite so you can instantly know what is in front of your trail camera.  The Black Ops 940 features a wide-angle lens, black-out optical lens filter and a covert flat black finish.  It takes color photos by day and black and white photos by night.  A high-grain antenna means extended wireless reach for better coverage and service which allows you to receive real time photos in an average of 2 minutes.  This unit features an easy to use menu settings and allows the ability to select high, low or mega picture resolutions.  Compatible with AT&T, Sprint and Vnet.

Spy Point Live Cellular CameraSpy Point Live CellularThe Live Cellular Camera by Spy Point is a new scouting device for 2011 and will wirelessly send images to your phone or e-mail through the MySpypoint website.  The camera itself takes 5.0 megapixel pictures and has 48 infrared LEDs for nighttime illumination and automatic infrared level adjustment.  The camera takes color pictures by day and black and white images by night, and the multi-shot mode can take up to 6 images per trigger sequence.  It also records 640×480 digital video as well.  It has an adjustable distance detection sensor (5-50 ft) and operates on 8 AA batteries.

Spy Point IR-10 and 5Spy Point IR10The IR-10 by Spy Point scouting cameras features 10.0 megapixel picture quality for crystal clear images all in a compact size (4, 5”x6, 8”x2, 8”).  It can also record 640×480 AVI digital video and takes color pictures by day and black and white pictures by night.  Multi-shot mode takes up to 6 pictures per image sequence and an automatic print of date, time, temperature and moon phase is stamped on every picture.  Its infrared technology is superb with 46 infrared LEDs for nighttime illumination and the unit has an automatic infrared level adjustment.  The IR-5 has all of the same features as the IR-10, but takes 5.0 megapixel photos.

Spy-Point Pro-X PlusSpy Point Pro XplusThe Pro-X Plus from Spy Spypoint Surveillance cameras takes brilliant 12.0 megapixel photos and 640×480 AVI digital video with audio all in a compact size (4,5”x6,8”2,8”).  It takes color photos by day and black and white photos by night and has a 3.0” built-in viewing screen.  Date, time, temperature and moon phase are automatically printed on every photo allowing you to gather as much information about each photo as possible.  It has an adjustable distance detection sensor ranging from 5-50ft.  It operates on 6 AA batteries that can be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack and recharged by solar panel.  A low battery indicator lets you know when it is time to switch batteries.

Spy Point TinySpy Point TinyThe new Tiny by Spy Point camera is an infrared digital surveillance/ scouting camera loaded with features despite its “tiny” size (4,7”x3,5”x2,7”).  It has 8.0 megapixel picture quality with three sensors for a total of 7 zone detection ranges.  It also records 640×480 AVI digital video.  38 infrared LED lights provide nighttime illumination and it also comes equipped with an automatic infrared level adjustment.  A built-in 2” configuration LCD screen, sliding mount for easier handling and adjustable distance detection sensors make this tiny camera a big player in the trail camera industry.

Spy Point Tiny-WSpy Point Tiny The Tiny-W is simply the Tiny’s bigger brother.  The Tiny-W automatically sends yours pictures wirelessly to a Blackbox receiver.  Each picture is remotely recorded to an SD card and kept safe in the Blackbox receiver.  This keeps your images safe from thieves, but also allows you to check your camera, without going to the actual camera and spoiling your area with human scent.  The camera itself takes 8.0 megapixel pictures as well as 640×480 AVI digital video.  An automatic print of date, time, temperature and moon phase are provided one every picture.  It has a 50ft. wireless range and users have the options of high, medium or low wireless photo transmission.  

 Spy Point BloodlineSpy Point Bloodline The Bloodline from Spy Point Surveillance is an infrared digital surveillance camera that takes 7.0 megapixel pictures in a compact size (4, 5”6, 8”x2, 8”).  The Bloodline takes color photos by day, and black and white infrared photos by night to avoid spooking game.  It also records 640×480 AVI digital video.  It has 5 zones to provide maximum coverage to ensure that you get a picture of everything trying to sneak its way past your camera.  It operates on 6 AA batteries and can be powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack and recharged by solar panel. 


Special ops

Covert Special Ops The Special Ops from Covert Scouting Cameras is another new trail camera for 2011 that wirelessly sends images from the unit to your cell phone.  However, unlike many of the other models, the Special Ops requires no special plan to buy, just simply add another line through your cell phone provided and you can begin receiving wireless images.  It’s a super small device (5.5”x3.4”x2.2”) and takes 5.0 megapixel color pictures and has a 40’ infrared flash range and has a 1.2 second trigger speed.  The Special Ops is also capable of recording 640×480 video with audio.  The unit operates on 4 or 8 batteries and is password protected.



Covert Edge SeriesCovert Edge Series  The Edge Series from Covert Scouting cameras is a user friendly model, mainly because it was primarily designed by users.  The folks at Covert listened to their customers concerns and requests and the result is the Edge Series.  The Edge Series of cameras are easy to use and feature several security and theft features.  “Pipe Through Security” enables the user to pass a python cable through the main housing preventing theft and added password protection.  The Edge Series also has a user friendly interface with simple control settings making setup extremely easy.  The camera itself takes 5.0 megapixel pictures and has a 50ft. infrared flash range.  It takes pictures and video and operates on 4 AA batteries.

Covert ExtremeCovert Extreme Covert Scouting Camera did an “Extreme Trail Camera Makeover” for 2011 and the result is the new Extreme TLV.  The Extreme is a 5.0 megapixel trail camera equipped with 40 high intensity Infrared LEDs with a flash range of 40 feet.  It takes pictures in two adjustable resolutions (2560×1920 and 2048×1536) and records video at a resolution of 640×480 at 16 frames per second.  A trigger speed  of 1.2 seconds with adjustable 1 second to 60 minute intervals and a photo burst mode that can capture 1-3 images per trigger sequence all add up to make a quality trail camera.

Leupold RCX Trail Camera SystemRCX Leupold Leupold has long been an industry leader in optics technology, and now they are entering the world of trail cameras with the RCX Trail Camera System new 2011.  The RCX Trail Camera System comes in two models, the RCX-1 and RCX-2 and takes 8.0 and 10.0 megapixel pictures, respectively.  A 54 degree lens allows for a wider field of view which means you’ll see the animals you’ve been missing.  Both models capture video, but only the RCX-2 records video with sound.  However, both feature trigger speed of less than one second.   However, where the RCX stands alone is their exclusive Controller/ viewer.  This handheld device plugs directly into the USB jack in the camera and gives you complete control of the camera.  It gives you real-time alignment of the camera’s view, instant access to all program settings and all of the images that have been captured.  Download high resolutions pictures and video on location.  This keeps from you having to make trips to and from your home and truck to check SD cards.  You will then know if a camera is worth keeping in the same spot, or if you should move it to a better location.  You can then plug the USB jack into your computer at home to upload and your pictures and video to your hard drive.

  Wildgame Innovations YN1Wildgame Innovations The new YNI trail camera from Wildgame Innovations is perhaps the most innovative and talked about trail camera for 2011.  Like many of the other trail cameras being released this year, the YN1 wirelessly sends images from the unit to your smart-phone or laptop.  However, the YN1 does not require you to pay on a monthly plan or add another cell phone line through your current provider. The Field Net Wi-Fi Technology just requires that you are within 300ft of the actual camera to remotely access the images and you can then receive, edit and delete photos from their trail camera.  The technology is similar to that of a wireless home internet network.  


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