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New bows for 2013 have just started to be announced from a variety of bow manufacturers. While these new bows may not be available for purchase for a few months, the details of next year’s hottest new arrow slingers are sure to whet our appetite for what’s to come. So without further ado, let’s see what new bows are prime to hit the market for 2013!

Mathews 2013 New Bows

2013 Mathews Creed

Brand new for 2013 is the Mathews Creed.  Featuring an all-new quad limb design and SimPlex cam, the Creed is the smoothest shooting single cam bow that Mathews has ever built.  Featuring the innovative GeoGrid riser, updated DeadEnd string stop and ReverseAssist roller guard every component of the Creed works in conjunction to deliver a bow that’s smooth, fast, quiet and incredibly accurate.  The new Mathews Creed truly is Advanced Simplicity.

Axle to Axle Length – 30″
Brace Height – 7″
Weight – 3.85 lbs
Draw Weights – 50 – 70 lbs
Draw Length – 26″ to 30″
Speed – Up to 328 fps

2013 Mathews Creed bow

Mission Archery 2013 Bows

2013 Mission Ballistic Bow

One of, if not possibly the best new bow value for 2013, is the new Ballistic from Mission Archery.  With an MSRP of just $499 this new bow packs a ton of high end features into an extremely affordable package.  Featuring the patented AVS cam system the Ballistic produces speeds up to 330 fps while still having a forgiving 7 inch brace height.  The Ballistic is available as a bare bow or with one of three accessory packages that include a rest, sight, quiver and stabilizer.  The Balistic is available in Lost Camo AT or black.

Axle to Axle Length – 30 1/2″
Brace Height – 7″
Weight – 4.18 lbs
Draw Weights – 50,60,70 lbs
Draw Length – 26″ to 30″
Speed – Up to 330 fps

2013 Mission Ballistic Bow

Elite Archery 2013 New Bows

2013 Elite Hunter

For 2013 Elite Archery has full revamped their popular Hunter™ bow for enhanced shootability.  Although the name hasn’t changed from last year, this all new bow features redesigned cams, riser and modules.  For 2013 the Hunter’s limbs are more parallel to help reduce noise and vibration even further, it boats a 7 3/4″ brace height for increased forgiveness and a smooth draw cycle with a larger dwell zone.  Also new for 2013, all Elite bows feature Cerakote performance coating on the cams, modules, cable rods and suppresor rods for enhanced protection and performance.

Axle to Axle Length – 31 1/2″
Brace Height – 7 3/4″
Weight – 4.3 lbs
Draw Weights – 40,50,60,70,80 lbs
Speed – Up to 334 fps

2013 Elite Hunter Bow

2013 Elite Answer

Built to be the perfect crossover between a hunting and 3D bow, the Answer is an extremely versatile tool for almost any need.   A redesigned riser has decreased weight by 6% for 2013 and at 33 1/2 inches axle to axle the Answer is not too long, but not too short. 

Axle to Axle Length – 33 1/2″
Brace Height – 7″
Weight – 4.1 lbs
Draw Weights – 40,50,60,65,70,80 lbs
Draw Lengths – 27 to 30″
Speed – Up to 340 fps

2013 Elite Answer

PSE New Bows for 2013

2013 PSE Dream Season DNA

The past few years PSE has set the archery industry on fire with the blazing speeds produced by some of their bows.  For 2013 that trend continues with the Dream Season DNA.  This light weight bow (just 3.7 pounds) boasts speeds up to 352 feet per second thanks in part to a 6 inch brace height and new Core cam.  The Dream Season DNA also features PSE’s Center Pull Technology which places the arrow in the dead center of the bow for increased tunability.

Axle to Axle Length – 31″
Brace Height – 6″
Weight – 3.7 lbs
Draw Weights – 50,55,60,65,70 lbs
Draw Length – 26″ to 30″
Speed – Up to 352 fps

PSE Dream Season DNA

2013 PSE Omen Max

If speed and raw power are your thing, then the 2013 PSE Omen Max may just be the bow for you.  Built for one thing and one thing only the Omen Max spits out arrows at an amazing 366 feet per second thanks in part to an ultra short 5 1/2″ brace height. 

Axle to Axle Length – 33 5/8″
Brace Height – 5 1/2″
Weight – 4.3 lbs
Draw Weights – 50,55,60,65,70 lbs
Draw Length – 26″ to 30″
Speed – Up to 366 fps

2013 PSE Omen Max Bow

 Bear Archery 2013 Bows

2013 Bear Archery Motive 6

The motive behind this new bow from Bear Archery was to produce a bow was was fast, light and quiet.  That’s exactly what you’ll get with the new Motive 6 from Bear Archery.  Thanks to the newly designed Bear Synchronized Hybrid Cam System and 6 inch brace height (hence the name) the Motive 6 pushes speeds up to 350 feet per second while maintaining a smooth draw cycle.

Axle to Axle Length – 32″
Brace Height – 6″
Weight – 4.0 lbs
Draw Weights – 50,60,70 lbs
Draw Lengths – 25.5″ to 30″
Speed – Up to 350 fps

Bear also offers a Motive 7 model for 2013 which features all the same specs except a slightly longer brace height of 7 inches and reduced speed of 340 fps.  Both bows are available in either camo or black.

 2013 Bear Archery Motive 6

 2013 Alpine Archery Bows

2013 Alpine Roxstar

The first thing you’ll notice about Alpine’s new look for 2013 is that it’s much louder than previous years.  With a bright new color scheme that screams for attention, their flagship bow for this year is fittingly named the “Roxstar”.  Aside from the new color scheme the Roxstar sports Alpine’s V3g cam that produces speeds up to 330 fps and has a letoff of 80%.  The unique look of the Roxstar is acheived by using a multi-piece anodized aluminum riser that is held together by screws rather than the one-piece riser offered on most bows.  The Gordon composite limbs are dipped in Mossy Oak Infnity.

Axle to Axle Length – 34.5″
Brace Height – 6.5″ or 7.5″
Weight – 4.5 lbs
Draw Weights – 60,70 lbs
Draw Lengths – 27″ to 31″
Speed – Up to 330 fps

 2013 Alpine Roxstar bow


2013 Hoyt Spyder Series Bows

Hot off the presses for 2013 from Hoyt is the Spyder series of bows.  These bows are Hoyt’s top end aluminum riser bows for this year and come in three configurations – the Spyder 30, Spyder 34 and Spyder Turbo.  The most popular Spyder 30 weighs in at a mere 3.8 pounds, has a 30 inch axle to axle length (hence the name) and shoots up to 330 fps thanks to the 6 3/4″ brace height and RKT Cam 1/2.  The Spyder 34 shares a 330 fps speed despite it’s longer 34 inch axle to axle measurement and the Spyder Turbo chimes in at a speedy 340 fps.  New for 2013 on the Spyder bows is Hoyt’s Air Shox system.  These rubber bumpers are statically mounted to the riser and help to damped noise and vibration without losing speed or effeciency which can be associcated with limb or cam mounted dampeners.

Specifications (Spyder 30)
Axle to Axle Length – 30″
Brace Height – 6.75″
Weight – 3.8 lbs
Draw Weights – ?
Draw Lengths – ?
Speed – Up to 330 fps

The video below was posted on Hoyt’s Facebook page today (10/17/12)

 2013 Hoyt Spyder
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