How To Clean & Cook Asian Carp

By Hunting NetworkMarch 10th, 2017

With the abundance of invasive Asian carp in the US today they’ve become a popular target for bowfisherme..  If you happen to find yourself with a boat full of these jumping fish here’s a step by step guide on preparing some of the best fish you have ever tasted!

Step 1: Gut fish, split from vent to gills and remove entrails.


Step 2: At the last rib bone, cut from belly to backbone. Break tail off fish and discard.

Step 3: At the first rib bone, cut from belly to backbone. Break center rib section off head and place on cutting board. Discard head.

Step 4: At bottom of ribs, cut belly meat off both sides.

Step 5: Oben rib section and take a small hand held saw (the one pictured uses sawsall blades). Cut where ribs meet backbone at about 1-1 1/2 inches deep and parallel to spine.

Step 6: Lay rib section flat. Cut rib section away from backbone 1/2 to 5/8 of an inch above the rib bone. Cut through meat cleanly. Any higher cut up the back will yield small Y-bone pieces in your fish. You will feel them through the knife if you cut too high. Repeat other side.

Step 7: Removed rib sections look like this.

Step 8: Lay rib section scale side down on cutting board. With a very sharp fillet knife, cut skin/scales away from rib meat.

Step 9: Turn rib section over to remove red “mud vein” strap of meat, carefully leaving as much white meat as possible on ribs.

Step 10: Mud vein removed, rib section should look like this.

Step 11: Lay rib section rib side up on cutting board, cut between each individual rib, yielding a fish “pork chop” with one big rib bone and no small bones. Use favorite fish batter and deep fry at 325 degrees until golden brown. Enjoy!

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