Dead Down Wind 3D Broad Spectrum

Dead Down Wind 3D Broad SpectrumBroad Spectrum, odor control that goes well beyond bacteria based odors, perspiration or biocides. That’s only one of the many odor signatures a hunter encounters or carries to the field.

There are real fact based reasons DDW doesn’t use biocides or offer an Earth Scent or Pine Scent chemically based odor in any product they produce. The Real Science indicates that big game animals can process and separate up to 7 different odors within miliseconds. Biocides can cause skin related issues, kill both good bacteria as well as bad bacteria indiscriminately. Chemical biocides do little or nothing to control other odors like gas, diesel, food, pet, exhaust odors and more…

Unlike any other, 3D addresses the more onerous odors like dead bacteria, gas, hydrocabons, food, smoke and more. 3D layered protection is incorporated in all 3 key areas…laundry, personal hygiene and field applications to control and suppress odors from reforming.


Triple action…high efficiency for carbon apparel, natural, technical and synthetic fibers; provides odor control, blood and stain removal, biofilms, protects against fading, UVe protection.

Every DDW laundry product is an earth friendly enzyme based biological formulation that destroys odor, cleans and knocks out stains without additives. It’s the ONLY laundry detergent that’s proven equally effective for natural and technical fibers as well as carbon apparel and protects against fading and UV glow. Approved for high efficiency washers; their ESP technology knocks out blood stains and biofilms that build up on any hunting our athletic apparel and helps extend the life of your garments. ONLY Dead Down Wind does it all.

 Personal Hygiene

Contrls odor, ScentPrevent suppresses a wide range of odors from reforming, skin positive and nourishing with no chemical biocides.


Skin Safe, Broad Spectrum, not just bacteria based odor control. A full range of scent control products to address gear as well as human odor signatures. No chemical cover scents or masking agents in any DDW products.

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