Clean-Shot Laser Bowfish Assassin

The all new Laser Bowfish Assassin from Clean-Shot is the only laser bow fishing point in the world. The internal laser beam integrated into the patented Laser Bowfish Assassin automatically activates at full draw with a simple bow mounted magnet. This will allow you to aim directly at fish as the light beam of the laser bends in the water, leaving you with no guesswork.


  • Easy set-up with automatic laser activation
  • Eliminates Snell’s law on light refraction in water. Aim and shoot!
  • Quick target acquisition for faster shooting!
  • Disposable battery for up to 100 shots. Order optional extra battery packs for hundreds of shots!
  • Standard removable double barb 1″ long fold over prong for quick release of fish.
  • Hollow Point Tip technology for deep penetration of skin and bone.
  • Durable “American-made” 2024 aircraft aluminum construction.
  • Hollow Point Tip technology drills a .25 caliber sized core hole for deep penetration of skin and bone.
  • Low light or night fishing adds hours to your bow fishing time on the water.
  • Optional large double barb 1-1/2″ long fold over prong for fast release of bigger fish and gators.
  • Optional Gator Hunting Blade accessory pack with large 1-1/4″ cutting diameter for maximum bleed out.

Product Video

Clean-Shot Laser Bowfish Assassin

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