Bad River Outdoors Tagged Out Crossbow Sight

The “Tagged-out” crossbow sight design fills all the needs that have been missing for years in the crossbow world.

DurabilityThe Tagged Out crossbow sight is the toughest sight in the archery industry today. it is constructed out of solid aluminum from front to back. Its bright four pin fiber optic design is totally enclosed and truly built for some serious use. This sight is impervious to all weather condtions. It performs perfectly in rain, fog and snow.

AccuracyThe Tagged Out crossbow sight is engineered from the ground up to be accurate. Once sighted in the first time, the sight uses preset pin gaps that allow for no error. Covering distances out to 60 yards and equipped with a three stage rheostat light for low light conditions makes it as complete as you will ever need it for all hunting conditions. In most cases, after mounting it, you truly will need no adjustment. It will simply shoot bulls eyes right out of the box. But, if needed, Bad River Outdoors designed their peep to allow for all the windage and elevation.

Range AbilityNow you have the range ability with the use of Bad River Outdoors “Tagged-Out” Extreme deer range finder that comes included on every sight. This enables the hunter to know the distance to their taget while aiming at the same time. Engineered for the crossbow, it makes it a very efficient tool when all you need to do is simply place the brackets on the deer and quickly determine how far away the animal is, then go to the corresponding pin. These sights work equally well on the 3D range. This enhances your ability to accurately range and shoot preparing yourself for when you go into the field.

Bad River Outdoors Tagged Out

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