AXT Carbon Vapor Quiver

What makes AXT’s Carbon Quiver stand out from other sights? Everything. For the first time in the industry, AXT has made Carbon Technology possible in quiver construction with the uni-body Carbon Vapor. This one-of-a-kind quiver is made from 3K Carbon Fiber Weave molded into a single piece! No bolts. No parts. Just the most silent, sound-free, extreme quiver ever made.

The Carbon Vapor is 120 times stronger than steel and it’s lighter than any other quiver ever made. It is in fact as light as it’s name suggests – less than 6 ounces. It gets strength from the hand-crafted carbon fiber weave that is heated and folded over into a single piece. Once hardened, the Vapor becaomes virtually indestructible.

As for silence, the Vapor is as quiet as a whisper and, due to its design, acts as a huge dampening device on the archer’s bow. Instead of an ABS mold with a rubber insert that is blted onto a support like standard quivers, the Vapor’s hood is folded over during creation, therby cutting weight exponentially all while reducing sound. It also gives the Vapor its unique uni-direction design. AXT also incorporates a TPR over-molded arch gripper that secures even the smallest diameter arrows. The closed-cell foam insert also accommodates both mechanical and fixed blade broadheads.

AXT Carbon Vapor QuiverAXT Carbon Vapor Quiver Features

  • 3K C.B.R. Carbon Body Ridge. A carbon fiber for superior strength
  • 3K C.B.R. carbon hood destroys harmonics and stops the effects of vibration
  • 3K C.B.R. carbon support frame is stonger and lighte and stops the effects of vibration
  • Quad Lock. A four points lock-down system with vertical adjustment
  • V.A.C. Vibration Absorbing Coat. Rubberized clear coat diminishes the effects of vibration
  • 5 arrow hoods with close cell foam insert to securely hold all types of broadheads
  • Arrow tips are secure inside hood insert and will not rattle
  • First position arrow in-line with shooter for minimal movement during pre-shot moments
  • TPR over-mold on ABS hood stops unwanted noise from chamber area
  • Adjustable, one-handed syste is secure and quiet
  • Gripper Slot secures all types of arrows for small diameter carbon to larger aluminum
  • Available in 100% 3 K Carbon Fiber Material


  1. vince st louis says:

    I own a carbon matrix. I was wandering how this quiver attaches to that bow? I also wanted to know if the quiver is removable, or does it attach with the intention of staying on the riser while in the tree stand?


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