Axcel X-31 and Axcel X-41

The all new Axcel X-31 and Axcel X-41 by Axcel Scopes feature a red ring torque indicator. Their red ring torque indicator is not visible when set up properly. f you see red at full draw, you are torquing your bow. New scope fiber-optic light openings supply ambient light to the fiber of the ring pint. While stopping the inaccurate distracting/refracting light from getting into the interior of the scope. Engraved external peep alignment ringt at same depth as sight pin or lens decal to keep pin centered even when viewed slight off angle.

Order Options

  • Optional sight connectin
  • Ring pin assembly
  • Red spacer ring
  • Lens and lens frame assembly
  • Lens retainer

Axcel X-31

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