2011 Fuse Accessories

Fuse Accessories most advanced and comprehensive archery accessory lineup ever. For them, that’s saying something. This year Fuse Accessories is introducing the game changing Carbon Blade Series stabilizers and new lighter, adjustable Carbon Pilot sights. Not to mention pioneering new ground with all-new barrel and adjustable Clinch releases and the new advanced and capable FUSE Ultra Rest.

Fuse Accessories

New Clinch Series Releases

The ultimate connection between you and your string. Zero creep trigger, all-weather, In-Line Design with high-grade steal componenets and a no-sweat strap with alloy buckle. Clinch the shot with a FUSE Clinch Series release.

New Ultra Rest

The New Ultra Rest with SMART-REST Technology, cock the FUSE Ultra Rest – then forget it. Even during slow let-down your arrow remains supported and fully captured until fired. The arrow can never fall off the rest. Perfect for all hunting situations.

New Carbon Pilot Sights

Another first of its kind, the new FUSE Carbon Pilot Sight Series is at the forefront of cutting edge, lightweight bowhunting design and technology. Fuse has optimized structural carbon components to bring precision, lightweight sights to a whole new level.

New Carbon Blade

History has been made. Stabilizer technology will never be the same. The new FUSE Carbon Blade transcends ordinary stabilizers by reducing cross-wind drag by 70% over traditional stabilizer designs.

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