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You Pick My Stand This Weekend

December 15, 2010by John Mueller
Ok, here’s your chance to pick the stand I hunt from this weekend. Since I can’t seem to pick the right one to be in, I’m going to let you pick the spot. I’ll post some arieal pictures and a topo of my property and give you a little information on each area and then you […]

The 2011 Bows are Here... Pick the Right One!

December 15, 2010by Dustin DeCroo
The 2011 bows have arrived and if you’re like me, you’re always excited to see what our favorite companies are putting on the shelves. The 2011 line-up is as impressive as it has ever been and it is up to us to choose the one fits the best. Selecting a bow that fits both our […]

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 9 Recap

December 13, 2010by Cody Altizer
 As the cold, blustery days slowly inch towards the end of the calendar year, so the hunting gets tougher for whitetail enthusiasts across the country.  For the first time this season, Bowhunt or Die went live with an episode that did not feature one of our team members harvesting a deer.  Unfortunately, that is the way late […]

G5 Releases NEW Prime Bow.

December 13, 2010by Hunting Network
With its proprietary and exclusive Parallel Cam Technology, this new line of premiums bows virtually eliminates CAM LEAN, making the bows more forgiving and more accurate at greater distances. “The new Prime Bows will raise the bar in compound bow performance.” Stated President Matt Grace. “We are thrilled with the ingenuity our engineers and designers […]

Predator Trail Cameras Designed to Perform

December 8, 2010by Hunting Network
Predator Trail Cameras new line of scouting cameras puts Predator in the top tier of today’s modern game cameras.  Predator Trailcams is the forerunner when it comes to customer service and innovative design, knowing that hunters like ourselves need a superior product to get the job done when in pursuit of a once in a lifetime trophy.  […]

Bowhunt or Die! Episode 8 Recap

December 7, 2010by Cody Altizer
 After taking a week off to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, Bowhunt or Die! returned for Episode 8 of its inaugural season.  While our team spent Thanksgiving being thankful for friends, family and good food, the whitetails across the country were thankful our hunters weren’t out hunting them!  With the type of season our team has […]

NEW Quest Torch Bow Aims for Young Hunters.

December 7, 2010by Hunting Network
QUEST LIGHTS THE TORCH New Quest Torch Bow Aims To Ignite Passion In Young Hunters. Memphis, Mich., Quest BowhuntingTM, a division of G5 Outdoors, Introduces the new Torch Bow featuring the QS SD Cam Technology. With the release of this bow Quest targets the next generation of avid hunters so they too can enjoy all […]

The tale of a treestand.... The effectiveness of a lock on and sticks.

December 4, 2010by Hunting Network
This blog is a tribute to the effectiveness of utilizing a mobile lock on and sticks setup for same day hunts. I own a Lone Wolf Assault and 4 Lone Wolf climbing sticks. This stand hasn’t been used a ton of times maybe 20 sits in all over the last two years, but when it has been utilized […]