Is It Safe to Use an Ozone Machine in a Blind?

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I’ve been a fan of ground blind hunting for years while hunting for deer and turkey with a bow, but even moreso in the last decade as my kids have grown up enough to start hunting with me. When the ozone generators came on the scene in recent years, I quickly saw the benefits of such a unit to aid in destroying human odor when going after deer at eye level. But the question came up, “are ozone generators safe for use in a ground blind or elevated blind?” As I dug in and conducted a little research, I discovered that hunters are in fact using ozone machines in the blind. But there is a right way to do it. Here’s a look at some input from the crew at Ozonics for proper setup when using an ozone generator in the deer blind.


Do you know how to properly set up an ozone generator unit when hunting in a blind?


By manipulating the window openings, you can direct and control airflow, and ultimately scent and ozone flow. In so doing, you are able to hyper-ozonate any air that is leaving the blind, maximizing the amount of time the ozone has to interact with your scent molecules and maximizing the amount of ozone that attacks those same molecules (time + concentration = success), thus maximizing your scent elimination.


Ozonics HR-300


How to Do It

You first must determine wind direction. That’s easy enough. You then need to create a small opening in the window on the side the wind is coming from. This will let air into the blind and is the starting point for creating and controlling your airflow. Next, create a small window opening on the opposite side of the blind and lower if possible. This will create a chimney effect where the air will come in on one side of the blind and be forced to exit out the other side of the blind.

You then position your ozone machine unit above the downwind or exit window opening. For hub-style pop-up blinds, Ozonics has even created a Blind Clip for easy installation and proper placement.

Point the unit downward and directly toward the exit of the window opening. The airflow will be restricted and force your scent and the ozone out of the blind. This process is called hyper-ozonation. As the concentrated ozone contacts your scent as they leave the blind together, it destroys, alters, or renders your odor indistinguishable.

Bottom line, proper ventilation is a must. Never use an ozone machine in a blind with windows closed and no ventilation. For more on scent generating products, visit the Ozonics and Scent Crusher.

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