New Broadheads for 2017

By Jonathan FassnachtJanuary 27, 20173 Comments
 Few other gear items get the time, attention, and focus like broadheads. Hunters are on a never-ending quest to find the deadliest broadheads on the planet. Here’s a look at the top new broadheads we discovered at the 2017 ATA Show in Indianapolis, IN. 


New for 2017 is the Spitfire Double Cross 4 blade 100 grain with 2 stage deployment. A unique first stage front deploying blades have 1 7/8 inch cut with the stage to rear 1 1/8 cut bleeder blades for a total of 3 inches of slicing. It creates cuts in 4 total directions similar to a 4 blade fixed broadhead but with less exposed blade surface area. This broadhead can also be shot from crossbows. $39.99 for 3.

Also new from NAP is the Thunderhead Nitro. The Nitro is a 3-blade design with a 1 1/16″ cutting diameter. The all-steel construction delivers incredible durability and pin-point accuracy. Even from the fastest bows and crossbows. It’s a great new option for the bowhunter looking for a fixed-blade design. 

Dead Ringer

After making a deep impact with its mechanical broadheads, Dead Ringer launches almost a dozen new broadheads in 2017, including the most affordable 100 grain 3-blade fixed head on the market.
They’ll sell for $24.99 for a 3-pack.
Additionally the new broadhead named, The Nasty, and, Nasty Extreme, which is a variable fixed or mechanical broadhead, depending on the collar used. It has sharpened blade deployers, which are totally unique. They cut on impact, as well as when they open, for a truly wicked whack.
$34.99 – $44.99 for a 3-pack.


Innerloc patented the Shape Shifter Exo Cover which is totally unique to the industry. If you aren’t familiar, the brittle plastic tip covers the 3-blade expandable broadhead and causes it to fly exactly like a field tip.
With the slightest impact pressure, the plastic cap breaks and forces the 100 grain stainless steel 3-blade head open for a 1 1/4″ cut.
They’ll sell for $41.99 for a 3-pack.


The unique shape of the DirtNap Gear’s New Blue, Green, or Black DRT includes a few unique features including the patented “optional” 25 grain collar to make the blade into a 125 grain broadhead.

Also, new for this year is DirtNap Gear’s Shred Head turkey and small-game head. This broadhead, with potent jagged edges to minimize penetration, delivers one heck of a slicing thump. The Shred Head was designed to disable turkeys and small game while blending the perfect balance of penetration and shock effect. 

$39.99 for a 3-pack. 


BloodSport unveils several new broadheads for 2017. These broadheads are surely standouts based on their wicked looks. The new Nightfall has 3-inches of total blade cut in 4 directions, similar to the NAP DoubleCross.

It is purely a mechanical / fixed hybrid with no o-rings for blade retention. It boasts an aluminum ferrule with stainless steel blades for crazy wounding.

A second broadhead from BloodSport is the High Voltage. The High Voltage features a 2-inch cut, 3-blade design, which tucks firmly into the slim ferrule with no need for an o-ring.

They sell for $39.99 for a 3-pack. 

RAD – Radical Archery Design

The new release of the Rival 125-grain, 3-blade fixed stainless-steel head takes the similar blade locking design from their Titanium series, with a smaller scalloped point.

It’s available with a solid stainless steel ferrule with a 1-inch solid blade and a 1 3/16″ vented blade.

$39.99 for a 3 pack.


 Swhacker has revealed their all-steel expandable broadhead for 2017.
It’s a 2-blade mechanical in 100 and 125-grain options. 

The vertical design is unique in that the blades do not fold inside the ferrule, but tucking into the front and back, almost completing the outside of the ferrule.

This makes for an interesting concept. Even better, the bladed chisel tip and single-sided bevel tip will continue to spin upon entry for maximum penetration and devestation.

Look for them to be $49.95 for a 3-pack. 

G5 Dead Meat

G5 launched the new Dead Meat 3-blade mechanical, 1.5-inch cut in 100 & 125 grain. The Dead meat 3 blade is a short chisel tipped heavy duty blades which are kept secure with the new snaplock retaining clip.

The Dead Meat is designed to fly like a field tip at longer distances and maintain accuracy.

$54.99 for a 3-pack. 

Rage Trypan

New for 2017 from Rage is the Trypan (trypanophobia – fear of needles) mechanical 100-grain, 2-blade, 2-inch cut broadhead.

The Trypan has an ultra slim, all titanium ferrule which will help with extreme penetration, and the blades are 12% thicker than previous designs. The blades themselves are retained by a newly designed polymer shock collar. This new shock collar design is fool proof and leaves no room for error when it comes to positioning on the head.

 $49.99 for 3-pack. 

Tru-Glo Titanium X

Tru-Glo offers their first broadheads for 2017 named the Titanium X.

They offer both a fixed and mechanical design. The mechanical comes in both a 2 and 4-blade gator design. Titanium is challenging to machine but yields a product that is extremely straight and strong.

With the fixed blade option, there is a 3-blade and 4-blade. Also, you get 1 new set of blades per pack, as all broadheads designs boast removable .031 thick blades.

$41.99 for 3-pack.

Flying Arrow Archery 

Flying Arrow turned a lot of heads a few years ago when they came on the scene with their crazy looking broadheads. Would they be another fruitless concept, or would they be a legit player in the field of deadly broadheads?
Well, these broadheads have proved themselves quite well, and have developed quite a following among diehard bowhunters.
For 2017, the wild looking Toxic broadheads have a slight modification to the previous design which included wrapping the split blades a little bit further so they barely touch. This was done to close the gap and close the cutting circle. 100 and 125-grain models are available
$39.99 for a 3-pack.


New for 2017 is the American Forged Steel Expandable. These USA made heads come in a 2 or 3-blade 100-grain option. This broadhead stands out with its razor sharp tip that creates massive initial impact and slim ferrule that penetrates easily through the body cavity.

Replaceable blades and an easy-to-sharpen tip, make this a deadly expandable broadhead. Blades are retained during flight with a rubber O ring.

$44.99 for 3-pack.



Ramcat reveals its 2017 design with a 100-grain, 2-inch cut, 3-blade mechanical broadhead named, Savage. It can be shot with all compound bows and crossbows.
The unique Ramcat trademarked airfoil point reduces wind planing by directing air over the blades and the narrow ferrule to penetrate deeply.
$39.99 for a 3-pack


Afflictor broadheads feature a true hybrid cut on contact tip and large strong blades hidden until impact that cuts like a fixed blade broadhead.

The unique drive-key system allows the blades to cut on contact with its large fixed head and have 2 small bleeder blades force open the additional blades to make this one lethal broadhead. In flight, it is one of the smallest diameter broadheads but cuts up to 1.75 inches when deployed.

$39.99 for a 3-pack.


The Shrapnel EX is a new broadhead for Shrapnel Archery that will be available in the fall of 2017. This 100 and 125-grain head features 2 razor-sharp swing-out blades that turn it into a 2-blade mechanical.

This is the company’s first whitetail broadhead after coming out with a series of small-game heads.

$29.99 for a 3-pack.

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