Trijicon AccuPin™ Bow Sight System

January 6, 2011The objective was clear: enter the archery market with the most advanced aiming system available to hunters. The result was Wicked! The Trijicon AccuPin™ is a breakthrough in bow sight design and engineering.

Designed by bowhunters and target archers, the AccuPin is engineered to deliver a level of quality and performance previously unknown to archers. The heart of the innovative design lies in its triangular aiming point and clear pin. With zero MOA and zero obstructions, this one-of-a-kind configuration has an aiming tip that actually points to your target instead of obscuring it. This entirely new perspective gives archers a new level of confidence by providing increased visibility, accuracy and dependability, all resulting in precision shot placement.

For the ultimate in visibility and aiming speed, the AccuPin incorporates the acclaimed Trijicon dual-illumination/battery-free system. With a combination of fiber optics and tritium that were pioneered and perfected in Trijicon’s world-class riflescopes, the AccuPin aiming point is always highly visible. In fact, the AccuPin features the brightest fiber optics currently available! Whether it’s in the dark shade of the deep woods or the glaring sunrise of a damp meadow, the high contrast aiming point lets you acquire targets with speed and complete confidence.

Having designed advanced aiming systems for more than two decades, Trijicon knows that a precision sight demands a precision mount. That’s why Trijicon developed the Trijicon AccuDial™ featuring BowSync™ technology. With an infinitely variable transmission, it enables exact range adjustment and synchronization for any bow-arrow combination. Its laser etched dial makes field adjustments fast and easy—without having to rely on a clumsy strip of tape. Together, the AccuPin and AccuDial form a refined system that stands as a benchmark for sight and mount integration.

Built using only the finest materials, finishes and components, the AccuPin was engineered for real world durability. In an independent study, the AccuPin was subjected to 10 years of simulated daily field use and came out in perfect working order. If that doesn’t prove how tough it is, just consider this: The Trijicon AccuPin is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Trijicon AccuPin™ Bow Sight System includes the following performance features and benefits:

  • Tritium-Phosphor Lamp and Large Diameter Fiber Optics
  • Battery-Free Illumination
  • High-Contrast Triangular Aiming Point and Clear Pin
  • Brightest Fiber Optics In the Industry
  • High Impact Shade Shield with Hi-Visibility Aiming Circle
  • Sight Level
  • Laser-Etched AccuDial™ Yardage Adjustment
  • BowSync™ Technology
  • Fore and Aft Adjustment
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Construction
  • Available in Black, Mathews Lost Camo™ and Realtree AP®
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA






  1. jmbuckhunter says:

    I saw these at the ATA show. They look to be well built and engineered. Even self calibrating for arrow speed. But this comes with a hefty price tag. MSRP is reported to be over $500.00. Yes that is over 5 bills for a bow sight. OUCH

  2. Scott Abbott says:

    Research on the MSRP has yielded these results: $495 for the sight in black or $545 for the sight in camo. What do you guys think of that? Would like to hear your opinions.

  3. Cody Altizer says:

    It's technology is certainly impressive, but $500 is way too much for me to spend on a sight. You can buy ready to shoot package bows for that price. I think I'll stick to my Axcel Armortech!

  4. John Mueller says:

    I don't think there will be one on any of my bows at that price. The whole industry needs to take a look at where prices are headed. They are pricing themselves right out of the reach of the average hunter.

  5. Dustin DeCroo says:

    It's pretty amazing how bright they actually are considering they are battery free… very impressive!

  6. Droptizzle says:

    The prices have gotten way out of hand on many archery products. This is a lot of coin for a bow sight, let alone a complete bow for many hunters. One must ask what they can gain by spending three to four times what many nice sights cost for this one; is it a status thing or will they truly shoot better?

  7. Michael Martensen says:

    I loved my first one so much I bought another for my back up/3D bow. This sight is very nice, pointing to a target seems to work best for me.


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