Millenium M1 Climbing Treestand-NEW for 2010.

Millennium M1 Climbing Tree Stand

Millennium’s M1 Climber is designed for hunters who like to move with their prey. The lightweight and ergonomic climber folds flat for backpacking making it the perfect option for the run and gun hunter who wants to slip silently into thick cover undetected.

The M1 is not only quiet, but it’s easy to set up in even the hardest-to-reach hot spots. The M1’s cables easily and safely attach with no pins or knobs, and Millennium’s sure grip teeth and platform stabilizing straps provide you with a safe, worry-free hunt. The ComforTech seat is not only comfortable during long sits, but it folds up to give you room for a standing shot when necessary. To top it off, the all-aluminum construction and a durable powder-coat finish helps the M1 stand up to all that Mother Nature can dish out.

Features:•         Seat folds against the tree•         TMA certified full-body harness•         TMA certified climber•         Lifetime warrantySpecifications:•         Material: Aluminum•         Capacity: 300 lbs•         Weight: 26 lbs•         Platform Size: w 19″ D 36″•         Seat size: W 20″ D 17″

For more info, check out the millennium stands website.



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