StringSnot, The Latest Protection for Your Bow String

By John MuellerMarch 3, 2010

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

            StringSnot is the latest product on the market designed to protect your bow string from wearing and from the elements. It has been scientifically designed to be superior to ordinary bow string waxes.

Some of the features of StringSnot are:

*Weatherlock Technology

*100% Odorless

*Reduces string flaring and feathering

*Heat Displacement Technology (HDT)

*Waterproofs compound and crossbow strings and cables

*Prolongs bow string life

*Retractable glide on container

*No clumpy, waxy buildup

*Will not freeze

*Non Flammable

*Increases bowstring speed vs. traditional waxes

*Made in USA




            I had the opportunity to test StringSnot out on my bow. Their slogan is “StringSnot Nothin’ Slicker”. I have to agree, I have not used anything slicker on my bowstrings. StringSnot comes in a retractable container much like chapstick. It is also about the consistency of soft chapstick. It glides on the bow string very smoothly unlike some of the stiffer waxes which clump up or need to be heated to use. It’s very easy to work into the string and cables on your bow. And once applied it leaves a smooth, even  coating of protection on the string and cable.



            StringSnot really repels the water off of my bow string. What doesn’t roll right off beads up and will not soak in. Being very soft the StringSnot works deep into the individual fibers of the string, not allowing water or dirt to penetrate.


            While claiming to increase bow string speed, I did not find this to be the case in my test. I started out with my Bowtech Captains string in an unwaxed, but not badly frayed condition from last hunting season. I shot 6 arrows just to get everything loosened up. I then shot 3 FMJ arrows weighing 460 grains and 3 Gold Tip arrows weighing 405 grains at 60 pounds of draw weight through a chronograph.

The speeds were:


  1. 253 fps
  2. 255 fps
  3. 253 fps

Gold Tip

  1. 267 fps
  2. 266 fps
  3. 268 fps

I then lubricated my string and cable with the StringSnot. I shot a few rounds of arrows the let the snot work into the string. After shooting 24 arrows I did the crono test again.


  1. 251 fps
  2. 250 fps
  3. 250 fps

Gold Tip

  1. 263 fps
  2. 262 fps
  3. 265 fps

So adding the StringSnot actually slowed my bow down a small amount. Which to me kind of made sense, after all I had added weight to my string and adding weigh will slow down your bow string. If applied to a badly frayed string it may help to increase speed as a frayed string is not very aerodynamic. Not much to worry about in a couple of fps loss.


            Over all I was impressed with the StringSnot, it is much easier to work into the bow string than the old stiff waxes. Water repellency is great and this stuff is slick. The company also produces ArrowSnot and RailSnot. The ArrowSnot is an arrow lubricant to ease arrow pulling and the RailSnot is a lubricant for crossbow rails.

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John Mueller
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