Review: 2008 Mathews DXT Bow

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LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

A season in with the new Mathews DXT has got me hooked on the new design that Mathews put out for 2008. The DXT is very compact and extremely light weight only weighing in at 3.75 lbs and measuring 29.75 in axle to axle. If you’re a hunter who like myself who moves around a lot this bow is a must try for you! The DXT has an IBO rating of 326 fps which will give you the perfect balance of power and accuracy. This DXT is designed with slim limbs (1 1/8” wide) which give the DXT its light weight frame.  The limbs are constructed of SE4 composite and will outlast traditional composite limbs twice as long. The DXT has a brace height of 7” comes in a 40 – 70lb draw weights, draw lengths of 24” – 30” and has an 80% let off.

Here my DXT is ready for some late season action.

The DXT comes with many features such as parallel limb design, harmonic dampers, string suppressors, and a roller guard. Although with a dinky frame this bow is as tough as they get!

I set my DXT up with the Rip Cord fall away rest and HHA 5500 Optimizer sight (which contains 5ft of wrapped fiber optics and also contains a wind adjustment and accepts lens kits B-2, 4, or 6 power) and a Super Hunter peep sight with a 3/16” opening.

The HHA Optimizer 5500 sight contains 5 ft of wrapped fiber optics for super bright pins even in low light conditions.

The Rip Cord fall away rest provides almost complete containment and fletching clearance, which is a deadly combination for us bowhunters.  I have not had any problems with it in 2 years!

I also set the bow up with the new Mathews Arrow Web 5 Quiver. (Which also comes in 3 or 6 arrow versions).  It is a bit on the pricy side running around $100 but well worth the money. It is constructed of machined aluminum and built with dampers inside the quiver for extreme quietness.  Believe me, this quiver when shot attached to the bow makes no noise. Along with its smooth and quiet attachment and detachment this quiver has a sure grip on your arrows that are placed within.  I love the cutting of the foam which fits my 4 bladed 100 grain Muzzy heads very well.  This design will hold 3 blade along with mechanical heads Just as well.

This shows the pre-cut foam which fits all types of broadheads and not only helps to hold your arrows securely in the quiver, but helps keep your broadhead blades from dulling as well.

I set my Mathews up for around $1,050 when it was all said and done. A bit pricy for a pencil thrower but it is my main weapon for hunting whitetails and I also plan on bringing it this winter when I am out chasing coyotes, then have it by my side this spring when the turkeys are on my mind. All in all this bow does the job and does it well. When trying to slip in to a bedding area, a long haul to a stand or even carrying a stand in to setup for a hunt the DXT is never a hassle. Mathews is definitely putting bows out that perform as well fitting the requirements of the run and gun bowhunter.

The 2009 Hyperlite by Mathews is supposed to be even lighter and faster, so if you're in the market for a new bow I would highly recommend checking them out!

Bryce Kish – (Yes, I am the one who missed a doe on film with Todd a few weeks ago)

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