First snow day of 2008.

By Hunting NetworkNovember 20, 20083 Comments

LAST UPDATED: May 8th, 2015

Monday November, 17th was my first sit with any snow accumlination.  I had sat thru hail, flurries and some all out snow, but this was the first day it stuck.  Since Monday we have had snow everyday as well as a good bit of it today.

With the snow was high aspirations as I hunt mostly thick areas and the ground has been wet almost all fall.  The snow was a welcome addition as it will help tip off a whitetails location coming through the thick stuff giving more time to prep for a possible shot, or an attempt to call in a shooter buck skirting your location.



It ended up being a slow morning with only one buck sighting, a yearling 1X3 and 3 antlerless deer. 

The evening did not fare much better with only a yearling 4X3 and one doe.



 All of the deer sighted on Monday were on the inside

breakline of some what open timber and an old clearcut.

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