Patrick Durkin

Patrick Durkin
President at Wisconsin Outdoor Communicators Association
Patrick Durkin is a lifelong bowhunter and full-time freelance outdoor writer/editor who lives in Waupaca, Wisconsin. He has covered hunting, fishing and outdoor issues since 1983. His work appears regularly in national hunting publications, and his weekly outdoors column has appeared regularly in over 20 Wisconsin newspapers since 1984.
Latest Articles
Friendly Folks Choose Wilderness Areas To Bowhunt Elk
Friendly Folks Choose Wilderness Areas to Bowhunt Elk

You never know who you might meet in the backcountry when hunting elk, but you can usually count on meeting some friendly folks.

Bowhunting Was Well Represented By Pioneers Like Jim Dougherty
Bowhunting was Well-Represented by Pioneers like Jim Dougherty

We have a bright future among the bowhunting community thanks to the work of pioneers like the late Jim Dougherty.

Retired Wildlife Professor Ponders Cwd’s Impact On Deer Hunting
Retired Wildlife Professor Ponders CWD’s Impact on Deer Hunting

What seems to be affecting deer populations the most? A retired wildlife professor ponders CWD’s impact on deer hunting.

Hunting’s Myths And ‘rural Legends’ Abound
Hunting’s Myths and ‘Rural Legends’ Abound

Some stories are hard to believe, particularly when it comes to the hunting myths and rural legends that tend to linger around hunting camp.

compound Bows Remain The All Time Favorite
Compound Bows Remain the All-Time Favorite

Despite the rapid growth of the archery and bowhunting industry, compound bows remain the all-time favorite among shooters.

gift Bows For Grandkids Bring Back Memories Of Past Hunts
Gift Bows for Grandkids Bring Back Memories of Past Hunts

Pat Durkin reflects on how gift bows for the grandkids brought back memories of past hunts with his daughter.

Does The Passive Management Approach Work For Controlling Cwd?
Does the Passive-Management Approach Work for Controlling CWD?

States like Wisconsin, with growing CWD cases, are now asking the question, "Does the passive-management approach work for controlling CWD?"

spain Researchers Document World’s Oldest ‘trophy Room’
World’s Oldest Trophy Room Discovered

Spain researchers claim they have found what some might call the world's oldest trophy room ever discovered among hunters.

Does Height Matter? Busting Treestand Wary Bucks
Does Height Matter? Busting Treestand-Wary Bucks

Does treestand height matter when it comes to going undetected by deer? And how do you handle those nosey does that have you pegged?

Bowhunter Crawls 600 Yards After Treestand Fall
Bowhunter Crawls 600 Yards After Treestand Fall

Mark Gutsmiedl broke both legs and fractured two vertebrae when falling from a treestand; and then crawled 600 yards in search of help.

The Captain Stayed Loyal To His Standards
The Captain Stayed Loyal to His Standards

Patrick Durkin shares a tribute to the Captain, a friend, hunting buddy, and backcountry companion that was loyal to his standards.

The Hunters' Reunion
The Hunters’ Reunion

It's hard to beat good times with great friends for a hunters' reunion at the hunting cabin, celebrating a lifetime of memories.

Autumn Brings Culture Shock For 'rurbanites'
Autumn Brings Culture Shock for ‘Rurbanites’

Fall is here, ushering in the best days of the year, as well as the potential for hunters and Rurbanites to clash.

Wisconsin Bowhunters Increasingly Focus On Bucks
Wisconsin Bowhunters Increasingly Focus on Bucks

The Wisconsin archery season is here! Here's a look at the stats and history of the state's deer season over the years.

Little Moments Mean A Lot When Repeated Often
Little Moments Mean a Lot When Repeated Often

Little moments turned into big memories for the author when spending time in the outdoors hunting and fishing with family.

Unique Ways To View State Deer Harvests
Unique Ways to View State Deer Harvests

What states kill the most deer each year? Here's a unique look at how the numbers add up in the top deer hunting states.

Hunting Remains A Potent Force That Unites
Hunting Remains a Potent Force that Unites

Despite the small number of hunters across the country, their voice is loud, proud, and needs to be heard, now more than ever.

Falk Proved That County Parks Can Oblige Bowhunters
The Rise of Bowhunting Opportunities in County Parks

Thanks to the leadership of hunters like Kathleen Falk, bowhunting opportunities in county parks are on the rise.

Hunter Gored By Buck Gets Fined For Illegal Baiting
Hunter Gored by Buck Gets Fined for Illegal Baiting

Consequences for misbehavior come in various forms. Check out the story of one hunter that was gored by a buck, and fined for illegal baiting.

Much Of The Bowhunting World Envies U.s. Hunting
Much of the Bowhunting World Envies U.S. Hunting

If you look at bowhunting opportunities around the world, you'll quickly realize that bowhunters in the U.S. are blessed with the best.