Hello! Big fan of the show. I am here in Indiana and I usually have always hunted deer and turkey with my shotgun. This year I’ve been teaching myself to shoot an old compound that was gifted to me, but I am struggling with drawing the bow back. I can’t seem to get it back without kicking my hip out and throwing off my posture. I really don’t want to develop bad habits, but not sure what I can do to fix this.

Asked By Lexy KiperMay 28, 2021
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Bad habits tend to develop when someone is using gear the incorrect way. Chances are that the bow you are shooting has too heavy of draw weight for you. I would start by decreasing the poundage first. Another tip for drawing is to start with the bow high and come down into the draw. You don't want to "sky-draw", but this should help you by creating a little more leverage than holding the bow flat while trying to draw.

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