First snow day of 2008.

1 min
Monday November, 17th was my first sit with any snow accumlination.  I had sat thru hail, flurries and some all out snow, but this was the first day it stuck.  Since Monday we have had snow everyday as well as a good bit of it today. With the snow was high aspirations as I hunt […]

The four main beam buck: A story of Almost.

5 Min Read
Sunday November, 16th started no differently than any other morning.  I got settled into my stand 15 minutes prior to legal shooting light, bundled up to fight off the below freezing temps.  Roughly a half hour later I hear it; the tell tale sign of deer chasing.  Although the ground was wet and quiet, it is […]

Pearson Archery Releases the New TX-4 Bow

2 Min Read
With a few modifications to the popular Z-bows, Pearson has turned one of the sweetest-shooting bows ever made, the TX-4, into a mild-mannered, lightweight package that delivers jaw-dropping speed and silky smooth performance right out of the box.

Hunting November - The Glory Days

1 Min Read
The glory days are upon us, November is the Rut month here in western New York. Based on all visual data I have been seeing and comparing with other hunters and property managers like Craig and Neil Dougherty, this is the week to be in the woods! The mature bucks are starting to get on […]