The Time Is Now!

The Time is Now!

If you are on any sort of social media platform, then your feed has most likely been exploding with pictures of big bucks hitting the ground. To think that November is only about to begin is mind-blowing. This past week saw cold temperatures and weather move across the Midwest, bringing some hunters ideal conditions while […]
10/31/2023October 31, 2023

Age This Buck #37

Age This Buck #37

From the middle of November to near the end of the 2022 season, this IL buck was very visible. What do you think that means? He’s young and inexperienced? or perhaps old and over confident? Based on the video clip and trail camera videos you see below, what is your best age estimate for this […]
10/26/2023October 26, 2023

They Didn't Wait Until The Rut

No Waiting Until The Rut

With November just a week away, anticipation grows for what is known as the best time of the hunting season. Bucks are more active, searching for does and preparing to fight off any challengers. While a large number of successful hunters harvest their deer during the rut, there are those who don’t wait, and harvest […]
10/24/2023October 24, 2023

13 Rut Hunting Mistakes To Avoid

How Trail Cameras Are Hurting Your Hunt

Trail cameras are one of the greatest scouting and intel tool for hunters, but have you considered how trail cameras are hurting your hunt?
10/23/2023October 23, 2023