Too Many Mounts?

Is Taxidermy Really Worth It?

Is it possible to have too many mounts on the wall? How many is too many? And is taxidermy really worth it? Let's answer these questions.
2022 Tennessee Velvet Buck Hunt

2022 Tennessee Velvet Buck Hunt

Deer season officially kicked off for a number of hunters across the south this past weekend during the 2022 Tennessee velvet buck hunt.
History Of The Lacey Act Part 1

History of the Lacey Act - Part 1

The Lacey Act, established in 1900, was designed to stop the illegal taking and trafficking of game animals. Why is that important? Find out!
When A Poacher's Plan Goes Bad

When a Poacher's Plan Goes Bad

Some poachers are pretty slick in their planning. Others fail from the start. Here's a look at the latest poaching fail from Kentucky.