What to Expect at a Total Archery Challenge Event

By Clayton HolmesMay 30, 20231 Comment

The 2023 Total Archery Challenge in Belvidere, TN once again offered several great 3D archery courses, numerous exhibitors, and even a chance to win prizes. I’ve been making the trip to the Tennessee TAC event since it started a few years ago and have been excited to see the number of participants and exhibitors grow each year.

For anyone that’s not made the trip to a TAC event, you seriously need to add it to the calendar. It’s a great event with tons of opportunity for archers and bowhunters. And to help you better prepare for an event of this kind, we want to give you a closer look at what to expect at a Total Archery Challenge event this summer.

What To Expect At A Total Archery Challenge Event

Test Your Skills

There were 5 archery courses at the event this year. They did a great job of offering courses for every skill level. The multiple courses offer differing terrain, distances, and some really cool shot scenarios. It is a humbling experience each year when I transition from shooting targets in the backyard to shooting at different size 3D targets in thick, steep terrain.

What To Expect At A Total Archery Challenge Event

Check Out New Gear

The archery courses may be the main event, but they’re not the only reason to visit the Total Archery Challenge. It is nearly impossible to get a hands-on experience with many hunting companies’ products, especially western hunting companies, along with the direct-to-consumer that is becoming increasingly popular. The TAC events offer a rare opportunity to check out products that you can’t find on store shelves.

What To Expect At A Total Archery Challenge Event

Make New Friends

The primary attraction for attending a Total Archery event is the 3D archery courses and exhibitors, but neither is the most memorable part of the event for me each year. A Total Archery event is a great way to spend a day or weekend with friends and family. 

You can discuss this year’s upcoming hunts or catch up on everyone’s past season while also poking fun at one another through the shoot. And it isn’t just a chance to hang out with old friends. I have made new, lasting friendships at the TN Total Archery Challenge each year. It is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who enjoy archery and archery hunting.

What To Expect At A Total Archery Challenge Event

How to Make the Most of a Total Archery Event

  • Utilize the opportunity to try out new gear. I get so annoyed each summer when I am deciding on new gear and think about how many products I could have taken more time looking at while at the Total Archery Challenge.
  • Practice. Yes, that sounds obvious, but I’ve talked to too many people that are at TAC shooting their bows for the first time since hunting season. First, it is a challenging shoot so it probably won’t be as enjoyable if you’re spending most of your time looking for your arrows in the brush. Second, the Total Archery events are an incredible opportunity to practice shooting scenarios that are more realistic than shooting the same target every evening in your backyard. You aren’t going to glean much from how you performed at TAC if it was your first day of shooting in months.
  • Be Prepared. My group has never shot one of the 3D courses in less than 3 hours. Take plenty of food and water. I can’t speak for the other locations, but a good pair of hiking boots is also highly recommended. 

TAC events take place at strategically selected locations around the country, so there’s likely one within a decent drive of your hometown. Be sure to check out the calendar of Total Archery Challenge events for the the remainder of 2023 at www.totalarcherychallenge.com.  

Clayton Holmes
Clayton Holmes is a hunter, photographer, and freelance writer. He splits his time between chasing big game in the mountains and hunting waterfowl at home in Tennessee.
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