Trophy Tom Contest

By Brad KaufmannMarch 29, 2021


  • Be Honest – Don’t cheat by using weights, rocks, or anything else to add weight to the turkey.
  • Must Send A Video  Show entire body of the turkey, and send us the video in your preferred way. (Facebook, Instagram, Email – [email protected])
  • You Must Submit Your Video Before June 1st, 2021.
  • Must Show Zeroing Scale Before Hanging Turkey – Please zero the scale with whatever hanging device you’re using for the turkey.
  • Must Use HME Digital Scale – Use Promo Code “trophytom” on HME’s website for $25 off of the price of the scale. (Or buy from Amazon)
  • There Will Be One Overall Winner. (Unless it’s a tie)
  • Bow Kills ONLY! You must show PROOF in both a bloody arrow, and the entrance/exit hole.


There will be one winner selected to receive some BHOD Gear, as well as a variety of gear from HME, and HS Strut.

2020 Trophy Tom Contest
Brad Kaufmann
Brad is a full time employee with He works behind the scenes with both the Bowhunt or Die Webshow, and many of the videos and articles that produces.
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