Tree Thrasher Deer Call Review

By Justin ZarrSeptember 18, 2023

The calls of choice for deer hunters have long been the grunt tube, rattling antlers, and the can-style doe bleat call.  You can call these the “old standbys” of deer hunting.  Each one has been proven extremely effective under the right circumstances.

Of course, the goal of any deer call, regardless of shape, size, or type, is to mimic the sounds that deer naturally hear in the wild and entice them to walk within shooting range.

However, where all of these calls fall short, is the lack of additional sounds that are made, often by a buck, while they are grunting or fighting with another deer.  After all, have you ever heard two bucks fight without rustling leaves and snapping twigs?

Enter the Tree Thrasher.  A very unique call that was designed to bring an additional level of realism to your whitetail calling sequences.

The Tree Thrasher was designed to make 3 key sounds that bucks make when moving through the woods, as well as leaving their sign at rubs and scrapes. 

  1. Crunching Leaves – The sound of deer moving in the leaves comes when deer are fighting, chasing, scraping, feeding and more. Deer make a lot of noise in the leaves. Other deer will often respond to this sound out of curiosity and it adds an additional layer of realism to your other deer calling sequences.
  2. Snap / Clip – The clip on the Tree Thrasher not only allows you to keep the call handy, but it also mimics the sound of twigs and limbs breaking. This is a great sound to use when you’re trying to paint the picture of another buck making a scrape and working an over-hanging branch, as well as bucks fighting and busting brush. 
  3. Rub Prongs – The sound of a buck raking its antlers on tree is a tell-tale sound bucks make as they leave their sign in the area. It’s an incredibly subtle sound, but can often be just enough to pull a buck toward your stand. 
Tree Thrasher Deer Call Review

The key to this call is its ability to create “ground noise.” It’s the missing element when we use a grunt call, rattling antlers, or a can. The ability to add the Tree Thrasher sounds to your calling routine helps paint a broader picture in a buck’s mind to help confirm what he hears to be the real deal. 

The Tree Thrasher sells for $34.99. Be sure to check it out at www.treethrasher.com

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