Top New Crossbows For 2022

By Brad KaufmannMay 12, 2022

Crossbow technology continues to advance with each passing year. From more efficient designs to faster speeds, you’ll see a variety of advancements in this group of crossbows.

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TenPoint - Nitro 505

Top New Crossbows For 2022

TenPoint adds to its Nitro line of crossbows with the Nitro 505. As the name implies, it’s hitting speeds of 505fps and higher, and when we had the chance to shoot it, we actually hit 514fps. It’s a reverse draw crossbow that utilizes the AcuSlide safe cocking and de-cocking system.

It’s available with 3 different scope options in the Evo-X Marsman Elite scope, the Burris Oracle X Rangefinding scope, or the Garmin Xero Rangefinding scope. The full package comes with your choice of scope, 6 arrows and target points, and a 6-arrow quiver.

MSRP – $3,049 – $4,649 (depending on scope)

Ravin - R26X

Top New Crossbows For 2022

The R26X is a step up from the R26 with the Ravin Fully Integrated Silent Cocking feature to deliver an almost silent draw every time. Ravin’s advanced HeliCoil Technology allows this 26″ long crossbow to compress down to just 5 3/4″ from axle-to-axle when cocked.

This crossbow comes fully assembled and pre-tuned with 3 arrows and field tips, a 3-arrow quiver and mounting bracket, and a 100-yard illuminated scope.

MSRP – $2,024.99

Wicked Ridge - Fury 410

Top New Crossbows For 2022

The Fury 410 is a reverse-draw crossbow that’s shooting up to 410fps, and has the ACUdraw De-Cock system for safe de-cocking. It’s built right here in America and has all the features of a high-end crossbow at a mid-level price.

At 29″ in length, and just 9″ from axle-to-axle when cocked, the Fury 410 is compact and weighs just 7.5lbs. The full crossbow package comes with the RangeMaster Pro Variable Speed scope, 3 arrows and a 3-arrow quiver.

MSRP – $1,099.99

Bear X - Constrictor LT

Top New Crossbows For 2022

The Constrictor LT is a lighter and more compact version of the 2020 Constrictor, but at a faster speed of up to 415fps. It’s measured at 10″ from axle-to-axle when cocked, and has an anti-dry fire mechanism to prevent accidental dry firing incidents.

This package comes ready to hunt with 3 arrows, an illuminated speed comp scope, a sling, aluminum cocking sled, and a top mount 5-arrow quiver that’s ambidextrous and sits on a 360-degree pivot to position how you like.

MSRP – $649.99

Axe 440

Top New Crossbows For 2022

The Axe 440 is a shorter reverse-draw crossbow that was designed to have the weight centered over the shooter’s hand by way of the shoot-through stock and riser design. With its 15″ power stroke, it’s launching arrows at speeds up to 440fps.

Instead of the aluminum rails that typical crossbows have, the Axe 440 has dual carbon guide rods and a tunable roller rest to create a free-floating arrow system that minimizes contact and friction along the arrows path.

MSRP – $2,099.99

Killer Instinct - Swat X1

Top New Crossbows For 2022

The Swat X1 crossbow is the shortest one on our list at just 24 3/4″ long, and only 6 1/4″ from axle-to-axle when cocked. Their Accutac Barrel is a 360 degree enclosed design that provides additional support to the arrow for better accuracy.

The enclosed design also protects and holds the arrow in place making it safer. The full package comes with the Lumix Speed Ring scope, the compact silent crank, 3 arrows, and a 3-arrow quiver.

MSRP – $1,299

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