Early Season Success in Illinois

7 Min Read
After waiting nearly a month to get into the field, I took advantage of a great opportunity to harvest a mature doe during the early archery season here in Illinois.

Bow hunting Deer Success in Wisconsin

3 Min Read
Good old Wisconsin has been very good to me over the years. I guess I really need to thank my Dad for finding this property years ago and then being nice enough to sell it to me. I will be hunting this property until the day I die, and then I hope my little man hunts it. […]

Wounded Buck - Not How I Wanted to Start My Season!

4 Min Read
I was on a roll until the dreadful bad shot took place. Yes, I will say it again – I made a bad shot. Of course not on purpose, it just one of those unfortunate things that happens in the bowhunting woods. The season has been going quite well up until this point.  I have […]

2008 season off to a slow start.

1 Min Read
With a little more than a week of my 2008 Ohio archery season in the books, I don't have much to report.  The early season has been real slow for me with only 5 shot opportunities so far, two does, two yearling 8 points and a button buck is all that has come into shooting […]

Badlands Monster bow hunting fanny pack

6 Min Read
I decided for 2008 that I wanted to take a slightly different approach to some of my hunting.  I have a lot of fantastic areas that I have not hunted hard in the past simply because they require long hikes.  These are the kind of spots where you can’t necessarily hang a stand before hand, […]

The Rage Broadhead - 2 Blade Hype

1 min
I finally gave in and got a pack of the Rage 2 blade broadheads….               You just cannot ignore the overwhelmingly positive reports on their performance… Hearing one person tout a product is one thing, but these heads have been the talk of the town for two years now.  I do not […]

Terry Drury Harvests a 170 inch Giant whitetail buck.

1 Min Read
75 degrees with a NE wind was all Terry and cameraman could ask for in late September. Terry was hunting a stand very close to bed, yet close enough to catch a nice buck on his way to a lush maximum field. A low-pressure system moved out and a high came rolling in as soon as Terry climbed up the tree.

Mark Drury Bowhunting success in Wyoming

2 Min Read
Mark always has high anticipation of the first hunt of the year. Each year Mark tries to take advantage of early September and take a trip out West to try and harvest a buck while he is still in velvet. It's a race with time because historically most of the deer are shed by the end of the first week of September. So when Rick and Julie Kreuter invited Mark to Wyoming he couldn't pass up the chance to hunt with good friends and possibly harvest a velvet buck with his bow.