New Hunting Arrows For 2023

By Brad KaufmannJanuary 11, 2023

Small diameter shafts seem to be the trend going into the 2023 year, with a number of companies offering their latest small diameter shafts for greater accuracy and performance.

Here’s a look at the new hunting arrows for 2023. 

New Hunting Arrows For 2023
Easton Sonic 6.0 Match Grade Arrow

Easton SONIC 6.0 Match Grade

New Hunting Arrows For 2023

Easton’s popular Sonic 6mm shaft expands on the options available to shooters with the introduction of the Match Grade ±.001” specification for bowhunters wanting tighter tolerances in precision and quality. The shafts are built using Easton’s seamless Acu-Carbon process for 100% consistent weight and spine consistency from shaft to shaft, allowing you to shoot with confidence. 

You’ll find the Sonic 6.0 Match Grade available in six spines (250, 300, 340, 400, 500, and 600) providing ample options to fit most any bowhunter. 

Other Features:

  • .2310” ID carbon-fiber construction
  • Pre-installed 6MM nocks color-coded by spine
  • 6mm ST inserts included
  • Straightness ±.001”
  • Two-inch Blazer factory-helical fletched
  • Made-in-USA

Easton Carbon Legacy 5mm Fred Eichler Edition

New Hunting Arrows For 2023

In and effort to honor the rich tradition Easton arrows are known for, they are company has developed their 5mm Carbon Legacy Fred Eichler Edition arrow shaft for 2023, boasting it’s their finest traditional arrow to date. The shafts are a combination of an exotic dark-teakwood finish with  a traditional white dip, for a beautiful look. But there’s also plenty of performance to boot, with quality hand-feather fletching in left wing, 4-inch helical and a tight .003″ straightness for greater accuracy. 

Other features:

  • .2045” ID carbon-fiber construction
  • Pre-installed white 5mm X-nocks
  • HIT insert kit included (chamfer stone, HIT tool, HIT inserts, and glue)

G5 Mark Series

New Hunting Arrows For 2023

G5 Outdoors jumps into the arrow market for 2023 as they unveil their all-new Mark Series precision hunting shafts. The series consists of the Mark 203 and Mark 244, both models reflecting two different arrow diameter options depending on a hunter’s preference. These shafts are constructed with 100% high modulus carbon and come with G5 inserts and bushings that provide an enhanced fit that results in superior durability and performance. 

You’ll find the Mark 203 to have a machined aluminum half out insert paired with a machined aluminum sleeve to boost protection on the front of the arrow shaft. The Mark 244 has a machined aluminum insert designed for ease of installation and durability. The arrows are built on 250, 300, 350 or 400 spines to provide ample options for most any bowhunter.  


  • +/- .001 Arrow Straightness Tolerance
  • +/- .02 GPI Weight ToleranceMSRP:  Mark 203 – $114.95 (6 pk) and Mark 244 – $94.95 (6 pk)

  •  MSRP:  Mark 203 – $114.95 (6 pk) and Mark 244 – $94.95 (6 pk)

Victory RIP-SS

New Hunting Arrows For 2023

Victory Archery expands their line of hard hitting small diameter arrows with the introduction of their Victory RIP-SS shafts. These shafts feature layers of stainless steel fused with a 3K carbon weave. The shafts are even lighter than their predecessor, and boast a higher FOC and greater momentum for unmatched penetration and accuracy. The end result is an arrow that is less affected by wind and capable of punching through anything in its path.

The shafts are available in Elite, Gamer and Sport models. 

  • Straightness tolerances  ±.001, ±.003 and ±.006 inches
  • Available in 250, 300, 350, or 400 spines
  • Come equipped with SHOK SS inserts and IP nocks.

Carbon Express Maxima Photon SD

New Hunting Arrows For 2023

Carbon Express delivers a new small diameter arrow option of their own for 2023 with the introduction of their Maxima Photon SD hunting shafts. It’s a premium arrow built with the perfect blend of strength, integrity, speed and tunability. The goal for this shaft was greater accuracy at extended ranges and reduced wind drift. That’s exactly what you’ll find in these new shafts for 2023. 

The shafts feature an aluminum half-out insert design and boast 25% faster recovery out of the bow. Combined with Carbon Express’ popular Tri-Spine Technology, this exclusive blend of materials and construction generates up to 4X the accuracy of traditionally-constructed single spine arrows.

Available in:

  • .300 spine – 8.9 grains per inch
  • .350 spine – 8.1 grains per inch
  • .400 spine – 7.2 grains per inch

MSRP $249.99– per dozen (shafts)

MSRP $134.99– per 6-pack fletched arrows

Gold Tips Pierce LRT

New Hunting Arrows For 2023

Gold Tip is making a great arrow even better as they crank out even tighter tolerances to their popular Pierce shaft. The latest offering is the Pierce LRT, with improved components to deliver Gold Tip’s most advanced long range tactical hunting arrow yet. The micro diameter design ensures better penetration and less wind drift at extended range. You’ll  also find the one-piece component system is easy to install for greater consistency and perfect alignment. The Dyna-Slickshield coating rounds out the features of this new shaft, providing greater penetration and and easier arrow removal after the shot. 


  • 1-piece 7075 aluminum halfout 
  • .001 straightness
  • 3-point laser sorted 

MSRP:  $229.99 / Dozen

Brad Kaufmann
Brad is a die-hard bowhunter from Northern Illinois that loves chasing whitetails and turkeys.
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