New Hunting Arrows for 2022

By Brad KaufmannMarch 1, 20221 Comment

Arrow manufacturers have started leaning toward lighter arrows in recent years since more bowhunters want the ability to build an arrow with a higher FOC.

With that in mind, here are some of the top new hunting arrows for 2022.

Levi Morgan Signature LRP Arrow

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This signature arrow configuration was designed by Levi Morgan with the bowhunter in mind. The arrow is a Gold Tip Pierce Platinum that comes wrapped, fletched, and pre-tuned for accuracy.

You can choose either a 4 or 3-fletch option, and it comes with a Swhacker #261 broadhead, as well as their new insert system. Price is yet to be determined and they’ll be available later this year.

Size – .166″

Price – TBD

Easton - Sonic 6.0

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The Sonic 6.0 is a 6mm arrow designed with speed and accuracy in mind. It has a lighter overall weight which provides a wider range of arrow build options.

It has a straightness of +/- .003″ and features a factory-fletched helical with the Easton 2″ Bully vane. They’re available now as either a half dozen at $89.99 or a dozen for $134.99 and come in spines of 250, 300, 340, 400, 500, and 600.

Size – 6mm

Price – $89.99 1/2 doz. or $134.99 doz.

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Gold Tip - Force

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The new Force arrow from Gold Tip is built to be a lightweight arrow that makes it easier to assemble a high FOC configuration. With great durability and straightness, it has a weight tolerance of +/- .5 grains, a straightness tolerance of +/- .001″, and an inside diameter of .246″.

This arrow comes in spines of 250, 300, 340, or 400, and can come as bare shafts or factory fletched with three 2″ vanes, or four 2.75″ vanes.

Size – .246″

Price – $109.99 1/2 doz. (3-fletch) | $114.99 1/2 doz. (4-fletch) | $184.99 doz. (shafts)

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Carbon Express - Maxima Sable RZ

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The Maxima Sable RZ is built with the Carbon Express Tri-Spine technology to stabilize how the arrow flexes in flight, and is lightweight for better speed and a flatter trajectory.

Packs are sorted and matched to weight within +/- 1 grain of each other, with a straightness factor of +/- .002″. You can get a factory fletched 6-pack of 350 or 400 spine arrows for $100, or a dozen bare shafts with a spine of 350, 400, or 500 for $190.

Size – .244″

Price – $99.99 1/2 doz. (fletched) or $189.99 doz. (shafts)

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Brad Kaufmann
Brad is a die-hard bowhunter from Northern Illinois that loves chasing whitetails and turkeys.
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